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Autism in Schools

Compass GO… launched the Autism in Schools Project in March 2022. It was created to capture the level of personalised and individualised care that is being given to children across the ASD spectrum in mainstream educational settings, seeking reasonable adjustments, best case practices and training opportunities to ensure for a ‘whole school approach’.

We have a dedicated Autism team who work with the schools across North East Lincolnshire to deliver Autism projects and provide the right support to children and young people in the region who need it.

As a team, we focus on completing audits with the schools’ champions, and the participation work that we do to capture the voices of children and young people across the spectrum so we can offer tailored resources that are adapted for each individual participant.

Compass GO… is all about ensuring that children and young people across North East Lincolnshire access the right help, at the right time, in the right setting, delivering a high-quality children and young people’s early intervention emotional and mental health service.

The Autism in Schools Project aligns with these objectives as it is fulfilling a much needed support need for CYPs in NEL. Targets are being met and we are receiving fantastic feedback from the schools and parents/carers.

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