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Accessibility tool
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Our website has been built to using modern web standards that naturally support a wide range of accessibility tools and services. Below is an explanation of how you can use the options available to you.

To get specific help with accessibility, please read this guide from AbilityNet that explains how to:

  • Adjust your computer and monitor to best fit your needs.
  • Making text larger in a variety of different browsers.
  • Increase the contrast to improve readability.
  • Change keyboard settings.
  • Adjust mouse settings.
  • Magnifying the screen to help reading.
  • Use in-built speech and screen reader technology.
  • Make your mobile device read text to you.

The Compass website works well with common assistive software such as JAWS. Follow your software’s instructions to enable its particular functions.

Other languages

You can use Google Translate to translate our web pages into more than 90 languages. By copying the page link in your browser address bar and pasting it into the box, Google Translate will read it aloud in the language chosen.

While Compass aims to provide accurate information regarding the services listed here, it does not monitor the third party providers and therefore does not accept responsibility for any third party website.

Coming soon – our new accessibility toolbar.