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School & College Wellbeing

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Positive Effect is the trading arm of national established charity Compass. We provide health and wellbeing consultancy and training for schools and colleges.

I genuinely think this training should be compulsory for all newly qualified teachers

How we can help

At Positive Effect we are passionate about providing holistic health and wellbeing solutions, tailored to each school or college setting. Working directly with senior leaders we focus on pupil and student mental heath to deliver practical solutions such as wellbeing strategies and training to help schools and colleges support their children and young people. These solutions:

  • Support pupil or student attainment
  • Increase pupil or student attendance
  • Reduce mental health stigma
  • Increase pupil or student mental health support
  • Increase staff confidence

Mental ill health is an issue for all schools and colleges

Why work with Positive Effect

As the trading arm of Compass; we are:

  • Experts at delivering bespoke education solutions
  • Experienced at supporting schools and colleges to improve their pupil or student and staff mental health and wellbeing through low cost or no cost approaches
  • Experienced in successfully providing mental health and wellbeing training across a large number of schools and colleges, such as nearly 400 North Yorkshire schools and colleges through Compass’s BUZZ project
  • Skilled at bringing best practice and policy from Ofsted, Health Education England and government green papers into schools and colleges

Any surplus from Positive Effect is used for purpose by Compass to fund programmes to support the health and wellbeing of the wider community.


We work with education settings to understand their current approach to mental health and wellbeing, highlight any issues or challenges and identify changes needed to policy and procedures to create positive effects. We use a wide range of audit techniques to really understand the culture of a school or college:

  • Targeted staff interviews with representatives at all levels
  • Review of relevant policies and procedures
  • Impact review of health and wellbeing against targets or key performance indicators
  • Online staff questionnaire

Action planning

We will then consult with senior leaders to develop a holistic approach based on audit results and our expertise in developing education mental health approaches.

Together, we will produce a clear and measurable action plan to implement change and monitor its success and effect on the wellbeing of pupils, students and staff.


Whether you are a senior leader or governor looking to develop a whole school or college approach to health and wellbeing, or an individual looking for ways to improve your own or your pupils’ / students’ wellbeing, we have a course that will suit you:

Whichever course you choose, it will make a real difference to your school or college’s mental health and wellbeing by growing children and young people who are mentally healthy and happy.

This training has enabled us to cultivate our whole school approach and support ALL of our pupils fully and appropriately

All of our courses are CPD (Continuing Professional Development) verified.

We also offer training around wider health and wellbeing, such as medicines management for education professionals with statutory responsibility for managing children’s health conditions.

Further information

Please download our brochure for more information about these services and for details about our training packages:

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North Yorkshire schools and colleges can explore the Compass Phoenix training offer at this page