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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update: For information about how our services are providing support during the pandemic, please visit the service pages. Click here for related health and wellbeing resources.

What We Do

Our services respond to a wide range of people’s physical and mental health needs, and lifestyle behaviours such as smoking, drugs and alcohol, sexual health, emotional health, healthy eating and healthy relationships:

  • Universal services – school nursing and mental health services to school aged children and families delivering prevention and early help initiatives including screening, promotion, professionals’ training and 1:1/group support
  • Targeted services – early help services for people at risk of developing additional health and wellbeing needs resulting from risky lifestyle behaviours. Includes aftercare support for people finishing specialist treatment.
  • Specialist services – Behaviour change interventions for people needing more structured care via a range of talking therapies and prescribing services Includes applications for residential rehabilitation and inpatient detox.


These are our bespoke services that provide, training, consultation, audit and intervention for leaders and first line managers/supervisors and staff across public service, local business and commerce. 

What makes Compass different

Breadth of services

Our range of universal, targeted and specialist services enables us to understand peoples’ needs and lived experiences at different points in the care system. This provides us with a wealth of knowledge and information to learn from and help develop successful prevention and early help services. 

We are now applying our unique combination of experience to deliver Mental Health Support Teams (MHSTs); increasing the capacity of the national children’s mental health workforce.

Using our knowledge from experience and data

We bring together lots of data sources from information systems to analyse, identify and validate new and emerging needs, trends, gaps, and opportunities to improve how services can be better joined up.

Skill mix teams

Our teams are suitably qualified and trained professionals with relevant experience and skills from diverse backgrounds including specialist nurses and practitioners, doctors, counsellors, family brief intervention workers, support workers and administrators.

Compass Teams

We come from a wide range of diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Where possible we employ local people to deliver local services in local communities. All of us are committed to Compass’ vision, values and ethos and strive to bring them to life in our everyday work.

It’s a team effort at every level of Compass. We believe everyone has an important part to play, irrespective of role. What is common to all is our ability to work collaboratively and creatively with people, for people.

To meet our teams view the services below.

Proud to be members of the Children & Young People's Mental Health Coalition