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School Entry Parent/Carer Workshops

The following virtual workshops have been recorded by the Family Brief Intervention Workers at Connect for Health to support parents/carers with health and wellbeing topics commonly identified as significant in responses to the school entry Health Needs Assessment. We hope you find these videos useful and as always, if you have any concerns about your child’s health and wellbeing, please contact our service.

Once you have finished watching the workshop(s) you are interested in, please complete the evaluation form at the bottom of the page. Any feedback is much appreciated!

Behaviour, boundaries and rules

Guidelines and advice for helping your child build healthy behaviour habits

School Readiness

Top tips and advice on the key areas of preparing your child to start school

Healthy Sleep

Guidance on implementing a healthy sleep routine for your child

Evaluation form

    I found the workshop(s) I watched today useful
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    I now feel more confident support my child in the areas covered by the workshop(s)
    Strongly agreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly disagree

    I found the workshop(s) easy to access
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    I would be interested in accessing further workshops from Connect for Health
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    Any other comments?

    Your information will be stored on our servers and accessed by our admin team in order to identify how useful our workshops are and make future improvements, helping us meet our objective of promoting children’s health and wellbeing.

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