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Should you need urgent health advice please contact your GP or call NHS 111. In an emergency please visit A&E or call 999
Fully funded DfE Senior Mental Health Lead training now available for schools click here

School Readiness Health Questionnaire: useful health messages & websites

General health

Find out more about infectious diseases and immunisation protection.
Please make sure you attend all your child’s hospital appointments. To register with a GP, please visit the NHS website
If your child has an auto injector, remember to carry it with you at all times. To find out more, go to and ensure school are aware.
Remember to help your child brush their teeth twice a day
It is important to wear sun cream during the summer months, not just on hot sunny days. This is because the sun can burn your skin even on a cloudy or cool day.


It’s important to eat three balanced meals a day. Drink plenty of water and avoid sugary drinks and snacks. To find out more, go to
Children should be physically active for at least an hour every day.

Family health and wellbeing

Men and women are advised not to drink more than 14 units of alcohol a week on a regular basis. If you drink as much as 14 units a week, it’s best to spread this evenly over 3 or more days. If you’re trying to reduce the amount of alcohol you drink, it’s a good idea to have several alcohol-free days each week. Your GP can assist you with managing your alcohol intake. Find out more.
Stopping smoking is one of the best things you’ll ever do for your health. Get started with free expert support, stop smoking aids, tools and practical tips: visit
Substance abuse covers misuse of a range of mind-altering substances. It can have a severe impact on functioning as well as physical health. Your GP will be happy to provide you with information and support. Compass CYPDAS can support you if you are worried about your use of drugs, alcohol or cigarettes and how this may affect your child. You can also access support by visiting
Domestic abuse comes in many different forms. Anyone can be a victim of domestic abuse, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, socio-economic status, sexuality or background. Your GP can assist you with guidance and support. You can also seek support and counselling at or by phoning 024 7635 1137.
Parent/carer wellbeing has an impact on the whole family, including children. However, there’s support out there to help get you back on track if you are struggling with any of the above issues, or other issues affecting your wellbeing such as mental health or financial struggles. Family Lives provide confidential advice over the phone, as well as online advice forums. Warwickshire Family Information Service (FIS) provide information, advice and one-to-one support. You can also text a school nurse for support via Parentline on 07520 619 376.

Social Media

Be a good role model and teach kindness and good manners online, because children are great mimics. Limit your own media use: you will be more available and connected with your children if you’re interacting, hugging and playing with them rather than looking at a screen.
If you receive inappropriate messages online in relation to your child, or if your child receives inappropriate messages or abuse, you can report this to If you receive online abuse or harassment that does not involve a child, this can be reported to the police via or by calling 101. To find out more about online safety for your child, visit
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All children need to travel in an appropriate car seat. Smoking in a car is illegal if a child is present. To find out more, visit
Keeping safe on the roads is important. Remember your child always needs to wear a helmet and reflective clothing when riding a bike, scooter or skateboard. Teach them to look and listen when crossing a road and be aware of the traffic around you.

School readiness parent/carer workshops

Access free virtual workshops on key topics for parents/carers with children starting primary school, along with top tips, advice and other resources:

For advice on a range of health & wellbeing topics, visit the Compass parent/carer help & support webpages.

If you require any further support with your child’s health and wellbeing, now or at a future time please don’t hesitate to contact Connect for Health – your local school nursing service.