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Other Health & Wellbeing Topics

We deliver training on a range of other health and wellbeing courses and can create bespoke training packages for evidenced need.

In addition to our mental health and wellbeing modules, we can offer the following CPD courses:

Prescribed medication, alcohol, tobacco and drugs awareness CPD

Empowers delegates through knowledge and understanding of:

  • Prescribed medication and its affects when taken not as prescribed
  • The effects of alcohol
  • Tobacco and stop smoking support
  • Commonly used drugs and their affects
  • How to offer support to a family member, colleague or friend

Stress and sleep CPD

Provides an awareness of stress and its effects on the body and gives practical suggestions on how to manage stress.

There is a focus on the impact of sleep, and advice on how to achieve healthy sleep.

Diet and exercise CPD

Practical guidance on making positive choices around diet, information and advice on exercise and the affects these both have on our health and wellbeing.

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