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Compass chosen to build resilience networks for young people in Wakefield

Published on: December 13, 2022

Compass is to safeguard the emotional and mental wellbeing of children and young people in Wakefield by building their resilience, life-skills and their networks of friends, family and people in community services.

The health and wellbeing charity is to launch a new service in the district, beginning next April, aimed at ensuring young people know where to get help early – so that there is less risk of them developing long term and even life-long mental health issues.

The service, commissioned by Wakefield District Health & Care Partnership, will help young people get access to timely support delivered through an adaptable team, working alongside existing services.

Jane Wright, Assistant Director Operations (Midlands and South), said: “This is a forward-thinking approach to building resilience.

“We have a fantastic opportunity to further develop existing work by Wakefield Resilience Framework while staying true to our Compass vision to enable all people to have their health and wellbeing needs identified early, before problems escalate.”

The evidence-based approach aims to improve the health, education and health prospects of the children and young people who need support.

Focused on community development, it will reduce health inequalities and the need for specialist services.

Key elements of the service will include direct interventions for children, young people and their families (CYPF) and local communities. It will also engage in training, consultation and upskilling professionals and CYPF. And it will offer accessible, timely information and brief advice, support and self-help.

Compass practitioners will be in nine family and two youth hubs and will work with family and youth hub partners, primary care networks and GPs, schools and colleges and community user-led and faith groups.

Jane pledged: “We’ll treat all young people as individuals who have their own voice, opinions and beliefs and know what’s important to them.

“We’ll actively listen to their needs and involve Wakefield’s young people in shaping and improving the service, so it remains relevant, engaging, creative, interactive and always accessible.”

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