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Why I volunteer

Claire Wood, Non-Executive Director, Compass

Published on: April 25, 2024

Claire Wood is a Non-Executive Director at Compass, a role she fulfils as a volunteer.

I have volunteered most of my adult life. I suppose that means I am either mad or I enjoy the personal satisfaction of contributing and working with like-minded people.

I believe we want to make a difference to the well-being of others, whether that has been in the church, education, justice, local government or charity sectors.

Volunteering for fund raising activities has also been something that I have been roped into. This has involved sponsored walks, performing on stage and compering fashion shows, amongst other things.

I have found that as a volunteer life is rich in opportunities to have fun, meet new people, work in different teams and to learn about areas of life that were not previously familiar to me.

I was approached by a former NED at Compass to join the Compass Board some 12 years ago, when there was a need for a NED with a clinical background. I had never had a role in the Charity sector so it was an eye-opener for me to understand the particular challenges faced in surviving and operating successfully in this different world. There have been turbulent times when it would have been easy to walk away, which as a volunteer you can easily do. However, volunteering for me means weathering the ups and downs and helping in whatever way you can to make a positive difference for the client, pupil or prisoner and for the staff that are committed to them.

Being a NED at Compass has been at times demanding, worrying and frustrating. But it has also been one of the most positive experiences of my voluntary career, as I have worked alongside passionate, driven and caring people whose motives and values are inspiring.

Compass Together volunteer with us

So, if you feel like volunteering, never underestimate your skills and gifts. They are yours to own and…. share!

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