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Student volunteer Scott becomes staff member at Compass Be

Scott at Compass BE

Published on: February 29, 2024

A student who asked to work as a volunteer counsellor with our Compass Be mental health support team, has now been taken on as a member of staff.

Scott Ward has successfully applied for a job in the service’s bereavement team, supporting grieving children and young people.

Compass Be MHST

But he started out volunteering with the service after first contacting Compass Be team leader Michelle Eyre.

Scott, who was studying at Barnsley College for his Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling, had asked if he could complete a placement at the service in the town.

In his placement, Scott, counselled children and young people experiencing low level mental health and emotional wellbeing issues.

Compass Together volunteer with us

Scott’s testimonial about his experience will be featured as part of the new Compass Together volunteering initiative to encourage more volunteers to work alongside and together with our staff.

He said of his time volunteering: “I genuinely feel privileged to have had an opportunity to be a part of Compass Be and everything that comes along with that, including the amazing support from fantastic staff that are welcoming, caring and also very approachable. I was made to feel like one of the team from the get-go.”

Michelle said: “Scott has been supported and encouraged throughout his volunteering time with us. He has enriched the service.”

She said he was originally from Barnsley and as such had an “excellent understanding of the demographics and communities” the service supports.

She continued: “When the position was advertised, I met with Scott to discuss the role and responsibilities of the job. Scott was nervous but was keen to apply and was encouraged by the management team to follow this through.

“He was successful in his interview and was offered the role, which he accepted. Scott’s now started with us and we are all extremely proud to have been able to provide this amazing opportunity for him at Compass Be.”

And she added: “I believe his appointment has made our team stronger and it is a further boost to staff morale.”

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