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Supporting Mental Health Awareness Week

Published on: May 14, 2021

Compass have been marking this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week with events up and down the country aimed at reconnecting with nature.

Our staff have been so enthusiastic in taking up this year’s theme. You don’t have to go on a massive walk in country with your hiking boots on! Nature, really is, all around us.

Lyndsey Morris, Assistant Director said:

“Finding ways to improve health and wellbeing is at the core of what we do. We always make sure we’re very much behind this special week.“

In Lewisham, staff at Compass@THEHUB, encouraged their service users to try some simple, yet effective activities.

Using a poster to back up their messages, this health and wellbeing team suggested children and young people: go for a walk, visit a park and talk to their favourite people.

Warwickshire School Health & Wellbeing Service sent a newsletter to over 200 schools and partners for them to share with families. It included web links to more than 20 websites offering further help, with tips on reconnecting in simple ways. These included watching birds and clouds, painting stones, stargazing and following a nature trail in a local park.

Mental health awareness is so important to us. We believe everyone should have their health and wellbeing needs identified early, before problems escalate.