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Pandemic Poetry: A Compass BUZZ Perspective

Published on: July 16, 2020

By Alice Sotirchos, Wellbeing Worker for Compass BUZZ

A steady moment to comprehend the last few weeks,

There’s been troughs for sure but alongside many peaks.

What we do best is BUZZ so far from being static we’ve flown,

We found our fluffy bumble bee feet and onwards we’ve grown.

Using our hearts to empathise and our ears to truly listen,

We’ve been able to contemplate, take stock, form a robust coalition.

Our webinars took off and drew in roaring crowds,

A learning curve of the best kind, through the hard times we’ve ploughed.

Proud of each other and the gems we’ve achieved,

Pushing our expectations beyond the world we’d perceived.

Fighting for equality, for truth and for justice,

You could call it gentle balanced with toughness.

A poem leaves few words to denote what team BUZZ have been through,

Positives include house moves, fostering dogs, old projects built anew.

Handwritten notes to neighbours with sunflower seeds to plant,

Juggling professional and personal responsibilities with our own unique slant.

We’ve addressed decisions, wardrobes, décor, and ethics,

Deciding what and who’s important and reflecting on those memories we can’t fix.

As schools break for summer the doors will be locked for a while,

Countless practical measures to consider so trust in your own style.

The paint pots will dry, sellotape peeling at the edges,

A gift of precious time to ponder your values, your hopes and your pledges.

Laughter shall echo through the corridors once more,

A happy reminder of how we’ve all learned to rethink, explore.

As Maslow preaches, love and belonging is what matters,

In spite of the tears, the low points, the tatters.

Don’t underestimate your strength, your staying power, your core,

I’m not talking abs, it’s your very soul I implore.

Don’t give up on who you are, what you can harness and share,

Your school would be lost without you thus my closing words are take care.