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Compass staff supporting each other to do their best for clients

Published on: June 26, 2023

Staff in Compass services who perform training and consultations with children, young people and partner organisations have been invited to join a new group to share ideas, good practice and resources.

Lynne Tyler, Training and Consultation Worker at Compass Coventry and colleague Amanda Gallagher have come up with the idea to pool expertise and experience and to provide support for each other.

She said: “Calling all Training and Consultation workers, would you be interested in taking part in a T&C Group Supervision. We will be looking to run the first meeting on Monday 24th July from 11am-12pm. If you have any queries please contact either Amanda Gallagher or me.”

Lynne Tyler

Lynne said the process of training and consultation- researching, coming up with the ideas that work and that connect with your audience, creating an effective presentation and performing in an engaging way on the day is crucial to our services.

“Amanda and I are aware there are a few colleagues within different services who have similar roles to us delivering workshops to schools, parents, children, young people as well as providing advice to either parents or professionals.

“We thought it might be an idea to form a group of us to provide a support network of ideas and resources. Everyone is really supportive, anyway, but we wondered if this could be something people felt they might benefit from and we’ve had a terrific response to far.

.We want to make sure we’re doing the best we can and our new group – the Compass Training and Consultation Support Network – Peer Supervision – will help us do that.

Jane Wright, Compass’s Assistant Director Operations (Midlands and South), said: “We thank Lynne and Amanda for this great idea. It’s a great initiative that will enable staff with similar roles to come together to share and develop resources and share and discuss best practice.

And she added: “One of the great strengths of Compass as a national organisation is that we continually seek new ways to develop our best practice and want to hear all the ideas of all our talented and skilled staff. We support each other to do the best we can for clients.”

The first meeting is on Monday 24th July from 11am-12pm. If you have any queries please contact either Amanda Gallagher or Lynne Tyler.

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