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Compass Phoenix wellbeing warriors in North Yorkshire

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Published on: December 11, 2023

Staff at Compass Phoenix, in North Yorkshire,   attended a Healthy Schools Event at East Barnby Outdoor Centre near Whitby to run three workshops.

Rachael Askew and Rachael Cawte used the Five Ways to Wellbeing, to support children to become Wellbeing Warriors, giving them a mission to spread the word of Wellbeing around their school.

Rachael Cawte, Training & Consultation Worker, said: “Our workshops began with a warm-up designed to help the children to feel focussed and ready for the session. The physical ‘Rubber Chicken’ warm up challenged everyone’s coordination – including the adults!. We asked the children to shake their limbs, followed by the 54321 Grounding technique to help the children to focus their attention.

“The children learnt what wellbeing is, as well as how they can use the Five Ways to Wellbeing (for which East Barnby Outdoor Centre has a fantastic display) in day to day life.

“The children were tasked with creating a poster to share what they had learned during the workshop so that they could spread the word of  wellbeing to their school community.”

Other providers present included North Yorkshire Rotters, NYES Catering, the Oral Health team, and the East Barnby Education team. Five schools were involved.