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Published on: November 6, 2019

This week Compass BUZZ are supporting Wear Blue Day on 8th November 2019, which is run by Bullying UK, part of Family Lives. The High Sheriff of North Yorkshire, Linda Fenwick, has also chosen Family Lives as her charity of the year.

For more information about Family Lives and Bullying UK visit:

Family Lives have five, £100 prizes to give away to schools and youth organisations in North Yorkshire. Prizes will be awarded to the most creative idea for their Wear Blue Day.

Compass BUZZ works with schools to support young people whose mental health may have been affected as a result of bullying.

While many articles will focus on the victim and the impact it has on them, we need stop and ask what’s behind the bully? The answer is very often, another child or young person. We want bullying to stop, everyone does; but unless we start to look at what’s beneath the behaviour and discover what purpose the behaviour is providing, we cannot move on. Professionals can deliver interventions around self esteem and work to build back what’s been knocked down, but without getting to the bottom of the problem and breaking the cycle, bullying will continue. In many cases we need to stop looking at this as a victim and a perpetrator, and start looking at this as two children or young people who are both in need of support. Perhaps both with low self esteem, both with anxiety issues and both struggling with trust and friendship difficulties; who with the right support can go on to develop healthier behaviours and relationships.   

So on Friday, lets all #wearblue to acknowledge those who have suffered or who are suffering from bullying, because it’s not OK. Let’s get the ball rolling to break those cycles. Let’s really put an end to bullying.