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Mariam: Why I love my job at Safe East

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Published on: August 30, 2022

Recently recruited Engagement and Participation Support Worker, Mariam Sheriff says she is passionate about empowering young people with health and wellbeing information that can help them make decisions.

She says: “I feel I’m doing something right.”

Mariam explains she has wanted to work with young people for a very long time. Especially those who need guidance or help.

She said: ” If I’m able to deliver information to young people – information that i probably didn’t have access to at their age – then yeah, i feel like I’m doing something right.

“Just knowing that i’m part of a safe space afor young people makes me happy.

And Mariam added: “You are safeguarding young people from potential harm and they need to be informed. They need to be educated to be able to make decisions that are going to keep them safe. I want to put them in control of their own health and wellbeing.”