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At Compass, they listen and that helps bring out the best in you

Published on: July 6, 2021

We asked Jamee-Leigh Benson, Supervising Practitioner, Jamee-Leigh Benson about her role in the Compass Go… North East Lincolnshire Mental Health Support Team

I feel acknowledged and appreciated as an individual. Working for Compass you are not just a number, you are an individual person who is listened to. This helps to bring out the best in you and what you can achieve in your role.

What do you like most about your job?

Being part of a team at Compass Go… who share the same values. When ever you need support or advice there is always a colleague on hand who is willing to help you. There is a positive and compassionate culture.

Would you recommend your role to others?

Yes – You get to do lots of networking and there are many different elements to the role which keeps it interesting. From supervision, to attending panels, working with the school mental health leads, clinical work, consultation, and the whole school approach. One day is never the same.

Would you recommend working for Compass to others?

Yes – They are very supportive of their staff and the service is encouraging of staff who want to progress and try new opportunities. It has an inclusive and friendly culture.

How is your role relevant to the work and values of the service/Compass?

We can directly link with schools to support them in embedding the whole school approach  to mental health and helping young people through early help and prevention. This can help young people get access to the support they need effectively and quickly.  

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