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Helping sailors across the world with mental health and wellbeing

Published on: May 3, 2022

POSITIVE EFFECT continued its quest to bring mental health and wellbeing solutions to private sec­tor workers by extending its reach across the world in an online forum for seafarers.

Danielle Grant, our Health and Wellbeing Training Officer worked with The Mission to Seafarers to deliver its WeCare training.

Ian Cuthbert, Compass Business Development Manager

Ian Cuth­bert, our Business Develop­ment Manager, said: “We have been exploring opportunities to work together for a little while now, culminating in Danielle delivering the first remote WeCare training session to seafarers based in the Philippines and India.

“We offered our expertise to sup­port another charity deliver mental health and wellbeing training to seafarers where the work can be very demanding both physically and emotionally.”

“A quality trainer”

Thomas O’Hare, Programme Manager at MtS, said the WeCare programme explored practical methods to achieve wellbeing and focusses on prevention.

“Working with Compass-UK enabled the Mission to Seafarers to provide a quality curriculum through delivering it via a quality trainer. Danielle picked up the cur­riculum quickly, and together we brought the course to life.

“Danielle had a positive effect on the international audience attend­ing, taking her time to explain key tools and utilis­ing online features like annotations to overcome language barriers.


“Working with Compass-UK and its trainers felt like a seamless process that brought experience and knowledge to an already strong WeCare curriculum.

Danielle said: “It was a pleasure to be given the opportunity to work with Tom at Mission to Seafarers.”