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The BUZZ – Issue 5

Published on: April 4, 2019

A headteacher writes

Jane Byrne, Headteacher at Brompton Community Primary School writes “We have run weekly Nurture Group sessions for several years. We have found that the young people involved gain so much from the experience, that they begin to flourish in all kinds of ways and our evaluation reflects very positive outcomes.

With so many SEMH issues becoming apparent now in children of all ages it is essential that children are supported as much as we possibly can. This will aid future development in these areas and help to encourage and promote confidence.

Children, who it is felt would benefit from joining the group, are asked if they would like to attend the sessions. Our ‘Nurture group’ involves children working in small groups on activities designed to develop skills to promote independent learning and to ensure the young people involved become more confident in all aspects of life

The sessions focus on the needs of the children involved and is often child led. In many group sessions, children will often talk about their worries, upsets or concerns. Before Easter the children had great fun making their very own ‘Worry Monsters’ to help them.”

This is what some of the children thought:

If we have a worry, we talk it out together and people listen, it helps.

Y6 pupil

I get to talk about my feelings more.

Y6 pupil

I can talk if I am upset.

Y3 pupil

We help each other out and are kind to each other.

Y3 pupil

It helps with everything, I know what to do if I feel upset and I know who to go to for help.

Y6 pupil

Got a story to tell? Why not email us at Compass

Top Tips for Stress

Deep breathing relieves stress and anxiety due to its physiological effect on the nervous system. Try the Hi Five technique:

Hold up your right hand with your palm towards you. Then starting on the bottom left edge of your hand, with a finger from your left hand, you slowly bring your finger up to the top of your little finger, while doing this you take a long breath in. Then you breathe out slowly and while doing that bring your finger to the bottom of your next finger, repeating until you get to the bottom of your thumb. You can repeat this for a couple of minutes or until you feel better.

Youth voice conference

On Friday 16th March, Wellbeing Workers Alice and Ashleigh attended the Youth Voice conference at the Pavilions in Harrogate. Over a hundred excited young people from across North Yorkshire schools and colleges, came to take part in their chosen workshops

Both Compass BUZZ workshops were fully subscribed by young people wanting to learn strategies to support with their Mental Health and Wellbeing. They talked openly and shared ideas and strategies they used that worked. Asked excellent questions about the new text messaging service – BUZZ US a n d c o m p l e t e d bookmarks listing things that help them feel good to remind themselves in times of need.

Finally, the moment they were all eagerly sat waiting for…. Slime Time! We explained how different textures can help calm and soothe when you feel nervous or worried, we talked about changing textures by using different sized beads or adding balls. They were all keen to get stuck in; that they ran to collect their slime, and began experimenting with textures

Compass BUZZ really enjoyed their day, talking to the young people, getting their views and opinions and networking, sharing good practice and knowledge. We cannot wait until the next Youth Voice Conference!

Staff profile

Pip Nix is the Wellbeing Worker for the Selby District and is a qualified Youth Worker. She has been passionate about promoting the importance of mental health from being a young person herself. In her spare time Pip enjoys going to gigs and seeing bands play live, she also enjoys alternative culture and general quirkiness!

Good practice in North Yorkshire

King James’s School, Knaresborough recently hosted an information session for parents of Year 11 students on how to support their child through their GCSE examinations. “As well as practical advice on how to support revision and prepare for exams this presentation included information on wellbeing, mental health and how to get help and support if required. Compass Buzz helped us to put together the presentation slides which included links to useful documents and websites for further information, and these were e-mailed to all Year 11 parents and posted on our website.”

Following training at Sowerby Primary Academy in Thirsk, Headteacher Keeley Ungrechts’ welcoming assembly covered the five ways to wellbeing about how children could improve themselves.

The five ways are connect, give, keep learning, take notice and be active and these can make you feel happier.

Bella, a year 2 pupil

Check out this video about the five ways to wellbeing:

We asked Rochdale teenagers to work with animation company Kilogramme and make a short film about what the 5 Ways to Wellbeing mean to them, using their lives and their ideas. This is the result.

Level 2 and 3 training

Starting in September. These will be whole day training sessions, they will be very interactive and aimed at small groups of people. We believe this will be best suited to Selected staff, Pastoral staff, Heads of Year, SENCOs and teaching support staff . The sessions cover;

Level 2 – Early Identification of Need:

  • A deeper understanding of feelings and emotions
  • Knowledge of mental health disorders
  • Behavioural presentations
  • Advice on making an assessment
  • Other services in North Yorkshire that could help
  • Information to support mental health problems

Level 3 – Early Help and Intervention:

  • An evidenced based tool to measure young peoples wellbeing
  • Skills and knowledge to deliver interventions
  • Evidenced based approaches and resources

What’s in a name?

You’ll have noticed our BEE that is on all our literature and newsletters, We thought that as Compass BUZZ is almost 1 year old, its about time that we named our BEE. So, if your school has any ideas what to call our BEE, then email SchoolMentalHealthProject@COMPASS-UK.ORG with suggestions and just put “What’s in a name?” in the subject box. We’ll pick the most popular name and announce it in our next issue.

Deadline for entries is 25th May 2018 (Just before half term)

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