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Lancashire MHST staff relish their training at Edge Hill University

Faaiza with ducks

Published on: June 8, 2022

Compass trainees in Central and West Lancashire MHST are studying for their Postgraduate Diploma – Education Mental Health Practitioner.

Here, they give an update.


“The staff training laid on by Compass allows us to look at different areas integral to mental health and apply it directly to our own professional role. We are invited to explore areas of training by looking at it in relation to our own personal and professional experiences and to consider how we can use it as practitioners. It’s some of the most insightful and practical CPD I have been part of.”


“Yes, I do feel this will give me good grounding for my work with the Children and Young People as the training is not only full of information and tools to use – but it is also emotive. Some of the training sessions are delivered with such power that I feel genuinely captivated. This knowledge sticks with me and gives me a greater understanding of what it is going on for the Children, Young People and their families. Of course, I do not mind, and I have attached a picture for you to use.” – Sophie

“Attending Edge Hill university has been a positive and enjoyable experience so far. The lectures are organised well and the quality of teaching received is excellent. There is also a huge deal of support on offer from one to one’s with a personal tutor or even support with assessment writing through Uni Skills. The campus itself is beautiful and I am looking forward to enjoying having my lunch outside by the lake. Seeing a little family of ducks walk past is a daily highlight for many of us. I have also been grateful for the minibus that takes us to and from university, it is a great way to catch up with my peers and wind down after a busy day of learning.”

– Faaiza