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Compass workers share expertise across our MHSTs

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Published on: March 24, 2023

Compass ensures knowledge, know-how and experience is shared across all our services.

In this video, Emma Turton, an Assistant Educational Mental Health Practitioner in our Barnsley, MHST Compass Be, explains how she was able to show her work in schools to a counterpart in our new Compass Changing Lives service in Derbyshire. The two workers are now looking forward to collaborating on projects and bouncing ideas off each other.

Kate Miller, our AEMHP at the Derbyshire service travelled to Barnsley to see the more experienced Emma at work.

Emma said: “I think it’s brilliant as an organisation that we’re sharing our ideas and getting to know other people in other parts of Compass as well.

“We are a big team but it’s lovely to meet other people from the other parts of Compass and to share ideas so that we’re all developing things as a whole team as well.

“It’s nice to link up with all the teams and share the expertise you’ve got. Even within one team, you’ve got team members with a variety different skills that sometimes you’re not even aware of.”

Jan Smith, Operations Director, at Compass, said: “At Compass we are aware of the many special skills and the expert knowledge of individual staff members and really keen to spread that across services to share best practice and innovation.”

She said Emma was our first Assistant EMHP. She joined the Barnsley team very early in development to extend its skill mix and any opportunities to work creatively in schools promoting mental health and emotional well-being.

She had done a “fantastic job” turning that vision into reality, going into classrooms and community centres and working with groups of young children to help them understand and develop good emotional health.

“So when Kate joined us in Compass Changing Lives, it made sense to put her in touch with Emma who has always been willing to share her skills and knowledge,” Jan added.

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