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This job is very rewarding

Published on: July 6, 2021

Sophie Flett, an Education Mental Health Practitioner at Compass Go… our North East Lincolnshire MHST tells us she loves what she does.

Staff Testimonial

I love working with children, families and young people one to one and giving them my undivided attention and helping them learn skills to improve their mental wellbeing. I also love delivering assemblies and workshops to young people.

Would you recommend your role to others?

100% – my job at Compass Go… is very rewarding when you see the progress children and young people make. And even just normalising a child or young person’s difficulties can have a profound effect, so I am very grateful to be able to do this!

Would you recommend working for Compass to others?

Yes – the flexibility of the service is brilliant. There are things I’ve been able to do in this role, which on the surface don’t appear related to mental health, but have enabled young people to access support – without some of these actions, they would simply be unable to. I don’t feel I would be given the opportunity to do this elsewhere. Our goal is to help children and young people access support for their mental wellbeing – and the road to doing this is definitely flexible in Compass!

How is your role relevant to the work and values of the service/Compass?

As above, solution focused – e.g. we need to help this young person with their mental wellbeing, how can we best do this? How can we work together with the young person and key people in their lives to make things better for them?