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Shaun tells us what he loves about his job at Compass Go…

Published on: August 23, 2021

by Shaun Walton – Education Mental Health Practitioner

Shaun says:

It’s so refreshing to work for a service that is not tied down with too much red tape and instead puts the young person and their families at the heart of everything.

This is especially important to me regarding the Special Educational Needs (SEN) families who too often struggle to get the support they need and can be left without any support for long periods of time, often when they need it most.

We’re not like this. We’re very flexible but still maintain high standards.

What do you like most about your job?

Being able to help and empower young people and their families to become more resilient and overcome or better manage their situations. Again, due to my own personal situation this is especially important to me for families with children with SEN.

Would you recommend your role to others?

Yes, without a doubt – and this is something I have done multiple times.

Would you recommend working for Compass to others?

Yes, and again it is something I have done multiple times.

How is your role relevant to the work and values of the service/Compass?

My role relies on the understanding that each person we work with is unique and individual, we also aim to try and help the people we work with to become more solution focused when possible.

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