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Blooming brilliant brand ideas for our West and Central Lancashire MHST

lancashire MHST naming options

Published on: July 28, 2022

Children and young people in West and Central Lancashire are being consulted in an on-going project to find a new brand and a brand new name for the service.

An outside agency was employed to come up with several suggestions for names after we supplied them with a branding brief.

An initial five suggestions were discussed with our commissioners and three went forward to be presented to a meeting of staff assigned to discuss them with children, young people and schools staff at events taking place during the school holidays.

The three ideas were…

Compass Access/Access Compass – Thinking about children and young people seeking help, gaining and accessing support.

Compass RE-NW – Using the NW for North West. Combining location with the idea of renewing, fresh starts, helping to renew yourself.

Compass NoW – Tweaking the NW for North West. Combining location with with the idea of quick, immediate response and swift help.

However, during the meeting with staff, one colleague mentioned that trainee EMHP Romy Kale had her own suggestion for a name.

Romy duly gave it in the meeting: Compass Bloom – relating to helping people to grow and develop.

Saffron Mason, Compass Implementation & Project Manager, who was at the meeting with the staff, said: “Romy’s suggestion just seemed to really capture the essence of what we’re trying to do. The mood in the Teams “room” was clear – people loved it. Including me.”

A Compass PowerPoint presentation, produced by our Marketing and Communications team in conjunction with the agency, was quickly updated to include Compass Bloom. It asked for responses to these questions –

1. Which name do you like most?

2. Which name is the most original?

3. Which name would be the most memorable?

4. Do you think any of these names could be offensive or upset people?

5. Which name is the most fun to say?

6. Which name makes you curious about the service?

7. Can you think of a name yourself

Staff were asked to think how they could best present the survey and they were given permission to buy materials to help children and young people engage in the session.

The options and questions were then put out to the MHST staff as a whole and their reactions gathered.

Survey sessions were held with children and young people the MHSTs area.

We asked children and young people across West and Central Lancashire what name they liked best for the service

which name do you like the most?
5 to 7 year olds at an infants school8 to 12 year olds, Chorley Youth Zone12 to 18 year olds, Chorley Youth ZoneTotals%
Compass Bloom411112649%
Compass Access152815%
Compass RE-NW223713%
Compass NoW3361223%
49% (26 out of 53) of children and young people we surveyed liked Compass Bloom best.

Our staff in West and Central Lancashire

Which name do you like the most?West and Central Lancs staff%
Compass Bloom1071.4%
Compass Access00
Compass RE-NW17.2
Compass NoW321..4
71% (10 out of 14) workers liked Compass Bloom best

How trainee Alex surveyed five to seven year olds at an infants school.

Trainee Education Mental Health Practitioner Alex combined the survey with games she devised.

She said: “Staff were given a more in-depth explanation as thee children were just five to seven years old and had lots of other activities to choose from.

“We had a simple vote on the best name and tag line before attention was lost whereas staff gave some reasoning with their votes.

We didn’t get to think of our own names/design logos as the CYP had already done arts and crafts/ colouring and wanted to play outside.

Overall/CYP/Staff:       Reasoning:
Access – 2/1/1            Sounds open to anyone and welcoming.

ReNW – 4/2/2             Liked the ‘NW’ locality aspect and renew being a fresh start.

Now – 4/3/1               Sense of importance/urgency in providing help. Tag line to the point.

Bloom – 8/4/4             Most child friendly/friendly sounding. Nice rhyming tag line.

Alex’s thoughts – Having consultation with childen and staff that work in the schools and giving them a say in the future face of our service shows that we value their opinion and gives them real influence on our service, putting power in their hands.

Romy and Jennifer surveyed 12 to 18 year olds

Romy said: “Jen and I had a lovely evening meeting the young people at Chorley Youth Zone and some lovely work took place. We used fantastic “positivity pebbles” the young people created to help engagement.”

writing positive messages on stones

Consultation results

Q1- which name you like best:

Bloom- 11 votes

Re-NW- 3 votes

Access- 2 votes

Now- 6 votes

Q2- Which name is most original:

Bloom-8 votes

Re-NW- 7 votes

Access- 2 vote

Now- 3 votes

Q3- Which name is most memorable-

Bloom-10 votes

Re-NW- 0 votes

Access- 1 vote

Now- 6 votes

table with Lancs name optins

Q4 Are any names offensive to anyone?- No to all names

Q5-Which name is most fun to say?

Bloom-11 votes

Re-NW- 2 votes

Access- 1 vote

Now- 3 votes

Q6- Which name makes you curious about the service?

Bloom-9 votes

Re-NW- 1 votes

Access- 3 vote

Now- 4 votes

Q7- Any of your own suggestions?

Compass Re-cover

Compass Forward- Moving forward from the past and having a fresh start

Compass North- Moving forward like the north point on compass and it’s in the north

How Gemma surveyed 8 to 12 year olds.

Trainee EMHP Gemma said: “I delivered the re-brand information to the 8-12 year olds at Chorley Youth Zone this evening.

“Speaking to the children, they seem to travel from a wide area, throughout Central Lancashire.

“The children came in in groups of three or four at staggered intervals while I was there. The children gave feedback on post it notes and I had discussions with them throughout.”

Consultation feedback

1: Which name did you like the most?

Compass Access: 5 votes

Compass RE-NW: 2 votes

Compass Now: 3 votes

Compass Bloom: 11 votes

Comments on why Compass Access was their favourite:

‘because everyone has access to it’

‘I think this is good because the next generation needs support’

‘because it seems like it isn’t trying to force people to do something’

‘because it seems like a good school name’ (explained that this meant that it fit well with a service working in schools because it is easy to access)

Comments on why Compass RE-NW was their favourite:

  • ‘I think this one because we need to start a change’
  • ‘this one because it is a fresh start’

Comments on why Compass Now was their favourite:

  • ‘I think this one because it makes me think they are a support company’
  • ‘because you need to act now if someone is sad’
  • ‘because it sounds like you can use a compass to get rid of your worries’ (now/quickly)

Comments on why Compass Bloom was their favourite:

  • ‘I like Compass bloom because it is like a flower growing’
  • ‘because it sounds nice and peaceful like a blossom tree’
  • ‘because you are growing out of your shell’
  • ‘because it reminds me of a cherry blossom tree’
  • ‘this because it’s really fun and happy’
  • ‘this one because it can help people feel better’
  • ‘because the company will bloom like a flower’
  • ‘this one because growing up families up strong’
  • ‘because it sounds funny and strong’
  • ‘you are a flower and your (sic) blooming when you share your feelings and change from a lonely seed to a happy flower’

2. Which name is the most original?

Compass Access: 3 votes

Compass RE-NW: 8 votes

Compass Now: 4 votes

Compass Bloom: 6 votes

Compass Now – ‘I think Compass Access because it is like you can get a compass’ (to direct/guide you)

Compass Now – ‘Compass Access because it is a very said word’

3. Which name would be the most memorable?

Compass Access: 4 votes

Compass RE-NW: 5 votes

Compass Now: 2 votes

Compass Bloom: 10 votes

4. Do you think any of these names could be offensive or upset people?

Nobody said they thought the names were offensive or upsetting – some comments were:

‘I don’t think they can be offensive because they are nice’

‘No they are all lovely’

‘all of them are nice and amazing’

‘No! because none of them are offensive’

‘No there (sic) all so sweet’

5. Which name is the most fun to say?

Compass Access: 0 votes

Compass RE-NW: 4 votes

Compass Now: 5 votes

Compass Bloom: 12 votes

Bloom – ‘it feels pretty and nice to say’

Bloom – ‘it sounds more nicer’

Bloom – ‘because it’s like a blossom tree – nice’

6. Which name makes you curious about the service?

Compass Access: 4 votes

Compass RE-NW: 6 votes

Compass Now: 3 votes

Compass Bloom: 8 votes

RE-NW – ‘it sounds new’

Bloom – ‘it sounds creative like it is making someone happy’

Original Name Ideas:

Compass Wisdom

Compass Nurture

Compass Happy

Compass Help

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