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Obesity Awareness Week 2020

Published on: January 7, 2020

Healthy living tips from the Warwickshire School Health & Wellbeing Service

This January from the 13th – 20th, the UK is being asked to join in a national New Year’s resolution to help improve our health.

What changes do you think you can make to lead a healthier lifestyle? Perhaps cooking more healthy meals at home; trying new fruits and vegetables; drinking more water, or being more physically active in your day.

On average, obesity affects 1 in 4 adults and 1 in 5 children aged 10-11 years. Being overweight can cause many health and wellbeing issues, including breathing problems, increased anxiety, joint and bone problems, low self-esteem and heart disease.

Top tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle

For parents/carers and children/young people:

  1. Try to have 2 portions of fruits and 3 portions of vegetables every day
  2. Eat meals together at home, ideally sitting round a table
  3. When you cook, make extra food for the next day – meal prep!
  4. Have 8 drinks a day – water is best
  5. Spread exercise throughout the day, i.e. in 10-minute slots
  6. Swap high sugary foods for healthier alternatives such as hummus/carrots, nuts or fruit
  7. Eat a variety of wholegrain foods

For parents/carers:

  1. Get child/ren involved in food shopping
  2. Set an example for child/ren for both food and exercise
  3. Use a reward system which isn’t food related, such as going to the park or socialising with friends

If you have any questions about how to lead a healthier lifestyle, please contact us on 03300 245 204 or We’re here to help!

Are you aged 11-19 years old, live or go to school in Warwickshire, and would like advice and support on any concerns? Did you know you can contact a school nurse for free, anonymous advice using our ChatHealth text service? Text us on 07507331525.

Useful healthy living links

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