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Sixty new staff welcomed by Compass senior leaders at induction event

Compass induction new staff line up

Published on: January 9, 2024

More than 60 new staff at Compass have completed a three day induction course, led by the charity’s Chief Executive, Rachel Bundock.

The staff have started work at three of our midlands services – Compass Birmingham, Compass Changing Lives which covers Derbyshire and the city of Derby and Compass Shine in Coventry.

Jane Wright, Assistant Director at Compass, said: “It’s just great to see so many new people on-boarding at Compass. A lot of it’s about joining the family, it’s about being one Compass.

“You only ever get one start when you join somewhere, so we are keen to show our new staff that we value them and we value what they bring to us.

“Our recruitment is values-based and so we know the new staff share our vision and passion to get alongside young people, give them strategies, help them build resilience, rather than them becoming the adults that have a lot of challenges and problems.”

Watch videos about the day.

Rachel Bundock’s address to the new staff included a discussion about the organisation’s mission, vision and values as she shared a personal story of what drives her to lead Compass.

After her speech, the staff members were given time to talk to each other in groups about what drives them to do good work for children and young people.

The new staff took part in sessions about mandatory learning, ongoing team meetings, study time and our code of conduct and dress code. People Team colleagues spoke about internal processes including how to register for leave and expenses and the values-based performance review process. IT equipment was distributed and internal systems were explained and discussed.

There were further presentations on safeguarding, incident reporting, health and safety and how communications colleagues will support the work of the staff.

Sarah Gipp, who has joined Compass Changing Lives, said: “It’s been very informative – quite insightful. And it’s felt a bit more like coming into a family of like-minded individuals.

“My first impressions are that Compass is professional, really caring and really values work with children, young people. I feel that I’m going to be in a supportive and nurturing team.”

And Sinead Nelson at Birmingham MHST, said: “The induction has been really informative and really inspiring. It’s been amazing, to be fair.

“I just love working with young people. That’s why I applied for the job. I just feel like I could definitely do with helping some young people here, learning the techniques to further supervise them and help them in any way I can.”

Rachel Bundock added: “We take pride in our induction events. We want our new staff to feel welcomed and supported; to feel they’ve come home to a place they can be themselves and so be creative and innovative and caring in their work.

“The Senior Leadership Team members attend because it’s important people know who we are and see us as approachable, with us all working together to achieve the same goal. We thoroughly enjoy meeting our new staff and getting a feel of who they are and what has brought them to join us here.”

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