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Rolling out a new brand identity for Compass Changing Lives

Published on: February 21, 2023

Compass Changing Lives has unveiled new branding elements following the launch of the service at the beginning of the year.

The new look and feel of the service was developed as a team effort.

Lucie Mountain the Marketing and Communications Officer for Compass Changing Lives said: “It was so important to include the team in the design process, especially as some of the team have experience working for previous services in the area and they are the ones who engage with the children and young people, parents/carers and schools.”

The original Changing Lives logo was designed as part of a competition for secondary schools which were Centres of Excellence in Derby and Derbyshire.

The winning design idea was developed by a young person Lady Manners School in Bakewell.

When Compass took over the service, we had the new name and logo but no formal brand identity to help promote the service.

Lucie was heavily involved with recent branding consultations for other Compass MHST services. Strong feedback that was received from children and young people was around nature themes.

Lucie said: “This influenced the design style for Compass Changing lives. The service is based in Derbyshire which is renowned for its stunning Peak District. I based the design around graphics that subtly represent the peak district and the connotations that the rolling hills have around wellbeing and our emotions. I think representing our local identity is important as it captivates interest and builds trust.

“The soft greens are very calming colours and including sunshine brings positivity, hope and aspirations. It’s eye-catching so it works well across our social media channels. It helps to create stories and engagement which encourages children and young people to talk about mental health more openly, moving away from the stigma of the subject.”

Sue Berry, Assistant Director of Operations at Compass Changing Lives said; “We consulted the staff with a number of ideas and pretty unanimously they liked the rolling hills background which they felt both represented the landscape of Derbyshire but also the journey of being mentally well is a bit like this. We have had lots of positive feedback about our Teams backgrounds which gives us our new identity.”

Samantha Dodds, Trainee Education Mental Health Practitioner at Compass Changing Lives said; “I really like the soft rolling hills. I think it represents the landscape of derby but also the ups and downs in life, the roller coaster. Also with the softness of the hills, I think it makes the service feel more approachable and the vibe around mental health feel softer and manageable as opposed to a challenge.”

Molly Lewin-Runacres, a Supervising Practitioner for Compass Changing Lives added: “I really appreciate the opportunity to be involved in the branding process. I think the designs look amazing. I absolutely love them and would be proud to hand them out at parents evenings. I’m excited to take the final leaflets into schools for them to display in reception areas”

The team have worked hard to create something that stands out, is engaging and helps to eradicate the stigma around mental health amongst CYPs and their parents/carers.

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