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Learning to manage emotions at Bemrose Primary

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Published on: April 18, 2024

Compass Changing Lives have been running workshops at The Bemrose Primary School that teach Year 3 children how to manage their emotions.

Last week, EMHPs (education mental health practitioners) Sophie Davis and Kim Humphries delivered the fifth workshop out of a series of six that taught a targeted group of children how to recognise, understand and manage their emotions.

The workshop centred around the children creating a Calm Box, which is a box of items that they can use to calm themselves when they are feeling overwhelmed by their emotions.

Practitioners provided a range of options for children to choose from, including calming activities, sensory toys and handouts that taught breathing and grounding techniques.

By providing children with strategies that help them manage difficult emotions,  workshops like this one are part of Compass Changing Lives’ mission to provide early intervention support.

The children who participated shared their appreciation of the workshop with practitioners.

One participant told them:

“You have helped me understand my emotions”.

Another child summed up their feelings on the workshop:

”This is the best day ever!”

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