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Pride at Outwood Academy Newbold

Pride at Outwood Academy Newbold. A group of Changing Lives staff stand smiling next to a stand bedecked with rainbow colours.

Published on: July 1, 2024

Compass Changing Lives attended a Pride Event at Outwood Academy Newbold in Chesterfield.

The event was planned, organised and ran by the student body, specifically the LGBTQ+ Society at the school, with support from staff members. This is the third year in a row where the LGBTQ+ society have run such an event.

Pride is the celebration of LGBTQ+ people, their communities, their identities and their shared history. Pride events take place all over the world, usually during June, which is referred to as Pride Month.

The event took place in Newbold’s sports hall, which was decked out with rainbows, pride flags representing many different identities, balloons and more.

At the centre of the event were performances by students and staff, including solo artists singing covers of pop songs, the choir singing folk songs and even a drag performance by a student.

Between performances students could browse the various stands, run by students and guests, for information, refreshments, and activities like games or face painting.

Changing Lives were there to talk to LGBTQ+ youth about their experiences of mental health, and to explore what can be done to make support more accessible.

Most of all, the event was there for young people to feel comfortable being their most authentic selves, and those present took away the impression that it was a success. The event was well attended by pupils from every year group, and was not limited to students from the LGBTQ+ Society.

Hannah Skidmore, EMHP with Compass Changing Lives, attended the event, and had these thoughts:

“This was an uplifting and refreshing experience to be part of. The event was  young person centred and integrated both aspects of fun and information sharing with a mixture of stalls designed by both the students and staff.  The young people that created and attended the event embraced individuality, diversity and equality. It was evident this is supported throughout the school ethos and a sense of acceptance  and promotion of wellbeing was felt throughout the event.”

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