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Dutiful supervising practitioner proudly marches as part of the Kings Coronation

Published on: May 22, 2023

Richard Cooke, Supervising Practitioner for Changing Lives, also a Petty Officer in the Royal Naval Reserves, was placed on the front row of the Royal Navy contingent as part of the Coronation Procession for King Charles III, proudly representing the Royal Navy and the country at the King’s Coronation. 

Richard, also known as PO Cooke, has been in the Royal Naval Reserves for almost 14 years. Previous deployments include being deployed to support the Welsh Ambulance Service in response to Covid in 2022, providing support to the 2012 Olympic Games and being involved in the Edinburgh Military Tattoo in 2014; alongside regular annual training and deployments in support of the Royal Navy in the UK and overseas. 

In preparation for the historical event, Richard took part in three weeks of intensive training before he marched in front of millions of spectators lining the streets through London and Buckingham Place at the King’s Coronation.

Richard commented: “It feels surreal to know that I have taken part in making history by being part of the King’s Coronation. This was an incredible, once in a lifetime experience and opportunity for me and I’m so proud to have represented the Royal Navy and my country at such a defining event

“I hope that being part of the Royal Naval Reserve outside of work exemplifies the values and standards that Compass holds. This includes the determination and grit to overcome adversity and be part of something greater than ourselves.” 

Sue Berry, Assistant Director of Operations at Compass Changing Lives commented: “Richard made us aware when he TUPE’d to Compass Changing Lives in January 2023, that he would be undertaking these duties as part of his role in the reserve Royal Navy. We were keen to support him and liaised with HR and the reserve Royal Navy to ensure this all happened smoothly. It is great to have staff on board with such interests and we are happy to support with such a momentous occasion – well done Richard”

Image: Richard is third person from the left

Image: Richard is second person from the left on the front row during training

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