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Staff speak about the Compass value that means most to them- watch the videos

Published on: January 8, 2024

Four Compass staff members have been speaking about the organisational Value that means the most to them.

The Educational Mental Health Practitioners at Compass Bloom, in Lancashire, each chose a different Compass Value. Their feelings were recorded and included in a series of messages targeted at managers who were being asked to choose team members who most exemplified a Compass value.

The campaign, which ran throughout November, sought to promote this year’s CEO Values Champions Awards and encourage Compass managers to nominate from their staff.

Kim Jones, People Director, said: “Having our staff speak about the values brings it all to life in a very credible, grounded way that I am sure is really helpful for others to hear.

She thanked Anne Haines, Compass Bloom service manager, for facilitating the interviews.

And she added: “It’s been really great to hear from compass Bloom staff about what the values mean for them in their day to day practice. A huge thanks to those individuals for giving their time in this endeavour.”

Bloom staff Jude, Elise, Chelsea and Sophie all got involved, and their thoughts were produced in four separate videos, together covering our values.

The idea was to show how staff in our services and departments embody our values.

A final decision will be made by the CEO, Rachel Bundock, after consultations with the senior leadership team.

Compass Values

With integrity

Treating others with decency, fairness and being honest in all that we do.

Valuing each other

Respecting the needs, skills, diversity and views of each person, irrespective of status. 

Being solution focused

Responding flexibly and adapting quickly to current and emerging needs.

Consistent and reliable

Always delivering on our commitments.