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There’s a new Bloom in the red rose county

Published on: September 28, 2022

Compass Bloom, with its brand new logo and distinctive livery, launches officially on 10th October.

The logo which was jointly the most popular with children and young people surveyed in Central and West Lancashire will first appear in a new twitter page for the service which will begin posting before the launch events. A new Compass Bloom Facebook page is also being prepared.

But staff in the Central and West Lancashire Mental Health Support Team will see the logo and the service’s new purple and dark pink livery at the planned events.

Staff will soon be able to get their hands on the assets so they can make their own posters, leaflets, flyers for display in schools and colleges and the wider community as well as for their email signatures

Saffron Mason said: “We’re planning an online and real world campaign to really make Bloom well known in the local area.”

Team leaders Mia Leyland and Eve Allen are organising an open day at the Leyland hub for children, young people and families and partner organisations on October 11th.

There will be separate locality launch events running all week at venues across the area mainly aimed at CYPF.

There will also be a special Team Building Day for staff next month.

Saffron said: “We are absolutely delighted with the look and feel of the new branding for Compass Bloom. It’s so fresh and really with the speech bubbles integral to the design, we want people to understand that we’re all about communicating with one another.

“I think it will prove inspirational to so many people who come to us for support. They will begin to understand our ethos and so get to know how we work by just looking at the logo – what’s not to like!”