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Accessibility tool
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Compass introduces new website accessibility toolbar

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Published on: January 10, 2024


Compass has launched the Recite Me accessibility and language tools to ensure our website visitors can get online content and services barrier-free, in a way that best suits their needs.

As part of the organisation’s ongoing drive towards Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, visitors to our website are now able to access a wide range of online tools to customise their Compass digital experience.

Kim Jones, Compass People Director, said: “We feel it’s essential that the first interaction with us in person or online is as inclusive as it possibly can be.

Accessibility is extremely important to us. We are committed to ensuring everyone who uses our services can access information in a way that best meets their individual needs.”

Dictionary Translation and Magnifying

Recite Me, which is the UK market leader in online accessibility and language tools, say that more than one in five (20%) of people may encounter barriers. The new toolbar is designed to help people who are neurodiverse, or who may have disabilities, learning difficulties, visual impairment or if they speak English as a second language. 

The Recite Me assistive toolbar on the Compass website includes screen reading functionality, multiple reading aids, customisable styling options and an on-demand live translation feature that boasts over 100 languages including 65 text-to-speech and styling options.  

She said the internet could be intimidating for those who experience barriers to understanding content. Accessibility tools seek to level the playing field so they are no longer at a disadvantage.

Rachel Bundock, compass Chief Executive Officer
Rachel Bundock, Compass Chief Executive Officer

CEO Rachel Bundock, who chairs Compass’s monthly Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Steering Group meetings, said: “The accessibility toolbar is very much a part of our continuing efforts for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at Compass.

“This framework looks to go beyond the confines of a statement of intent and policy, extending to procedures and guidance, providing tangible and practical support to staff at all levels within Compass.

And she added: “We recognise that for EDI to be properly embedded in all aspects of Compass requires a whole organisational approach so our policy framework will be integrated to cover both staff and service users.”

To explore our accessibility support tool, please click the bright, yellow button with the universal little man symbol for web accessibility.

This is at the top of all our web pages.


A toolbar launches and you will be able to use a series of different tools to make your online experience with Compass as comfortable as possible.