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Compass Positive Effect successfully completes ‘Wellbeing for Education Return’ training across three regions

Published on: December 23, 2020

We were delighted to be chosen by North Yorkshire, Warwickshire and North East Lincolnshire County Councils to train their local schools.

‘Wellbeing for Education Return’ was launched by the Government in September 2020 for delivery during the Autumn term. Designed to help selected school staff support pupils’ mental health in response to the pandemic.

On receiving the training package the Compass Positive Effect team consulted with local representatives to localise and make relevant to their area’s needs. Our team delivered this flexibly with sessions available over a number of weeks, maximising the numbers who could attend.

The training:

  • Aimed to prevent the onset of mental health problems and help pupils with pre-existing or emerging difficulties get the right support at the right time
  • Was intended to be shared by those trained and rolled out to the wider school workforce and leadership team to build confidence around mental health and wellbeing
  • Offered practical tips and advice to help support pupils of different ages and staff members

We are proud to announce that over 250 schools took part in the training over the seven weeks.

Here’s what Gemma Dabb, North East Lincolnshire commissioner had to say:

Compass Positive Effect provided information regularly on the progress of the project and engaged throughout. They provided insightful feedback from education staff and produced a final report to feedback the outcomes, which will help shape our next steps in supporting education settings locally.

Extract from North East Lincolnshire evaluation report