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Should you need urgent health advice please contact your GP or call NHS 111. In an emergency please visit A&E or call 999
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Coronavirus (COVID-19) – young people

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the lockdown has hit us all really hard. It has made our lives so different and changed our routines beyond recognition. At this time it is normal to worry and you are not alone, lots of people are finding things really difficult. However if you feel like you are worrying more than you should or you would like some support and information on Coronavirus (COVID-19) and your mental health and wellbeing, you have come to the right place. Here you will find lots of useful information, links and support to manage your worries, understand the uncertainty and bring some much needed joy during these difficult times.

Self care

It is really important, particularly now, that we take the time to look after ourselves. When we feel more stress and worry this can build up and result in us feeling overwhelmed, low or anxious. Self care – the actions you carry out to boost your mental and physical health – can really help. This may sound simple in theory but every time you do something you know will bring you positive enjoyment, you are making conscious steps to improve the way you feel. To help you on your self care journey, check out our self care tips. You can also complete our wellbeing toolkit, which can be used whenever you need to boost the way you are feeling by reminding you of things that make you feel good and bring you comfort.


Our new circumstances have created a new and big challenge for us to keep learning whilst being at home, but don’t worry you are not alone! Check out our Wellbeing Timetable to link to some celebrity lessons:

BBC Bitesize has launched Daily Lessons, for homeschooling in Maths and English for Year 1 to Year 10, as well as regular lessons in Science, History, Geography and more. Lessons feature a mix of videos, animations, practice activities, quizzes and games. So if you want to continue learning and have a little help at the same time, head over to BBC Bitesize now

Young people who are already accessing mental health services

This is a really tough time for everyone and if you already have a mental health problem you may be finding it difficult to manage the uncertainty that surrounds the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. This increased pressure and stress could lead to changes in your mental health needs. If this is the case make sure you speak to your mental health support worker/team and discuss how your ongoing support will continue through this time. Lots of services have already made sure the support they offer is still accessible by phone, text or online.

If you receive medication in support of your mental health you may be able to get a repeat prescription by phone or the surgery’s online app or website if they have one.