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Coronavirus (COVID-19) – professionals

Since the World Health Organisation announced the Coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic on the 22th March 2020 the way we have been supporting children and young people with their wellbeing has needed to evolve to make sure the support they so vitally need is still available when they need it.

Through this page you will find some useful links and resources to support you as a professional when working with children and young people, particularly those who have a mental health problem or those who are experiencing low mood or anxiety due to the pandemic.

Professionals beginning to deliver telephone interventions

It can be really difficult to shift and apply the skills we use so naturally during face to face interventions to using these when conducting phone interventions. To support you in this transition and help you listen when you are not able to see, we have developed some useful tips that can be downloaded here:

Activities for children

Coronavirus has seen the release of lots of different daily activities that aim to help children and young people remain active and support their wellbeing during the pandemic. To help keep track of all of these great resources we have created a downloadable timetable that you can share with the families and children you work with. All of the activities are hyperlinked to take you straight to the right page. Download this here:

Supporting your own mental health, a podcast

Compass’s Mental Health Lead was invited to be part of the latest Mental Health Nurses Association (MHNA) podcast. The session focussed on Coronavirus and mental health, on how we can best support ourselves as professionals and also how Coronavirus may be affecting others.

You can find the podcast (S02EO02) through the following links:

Working from home checkout help

As professionals we are so busy making sure we support the children and young people in our care that we sometimes forget to make sure we are looking after ourselves and our own wellbeing. A lot of people are now working from home; juggling our personal and professional lives and trying to stop them from becoming blurred and overlapping. To help with this follow our downloadable finishing work checklist to help you finish and compartmentalise work each day: