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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update: For information about how our services are providing support during the pandemic, please visit the service pages. Click here for related health and wellbeing resources.

Warwickshire School Health newsletters

Health and wellbeing advice for Warwickshire families

Our service newsletters are packed with useful tips and advice on a range of health and wellbeing topics, from things like sun safety to mental health, connecting with others, getting a good night’s sleep and many more.

Each two-page newsletter has a featured health and wellbeing topic, along with lots of resources covering things like information about coronavirus, ‘stay at home’ activities, home learning suggestions, mental health resources for young people struggling with the pandemic, and any other topics relevant to the current times. They contain information both for parents/carers and children and young people, and also cover the details of the support network available for Warwickshire families.

October 2020: monthly update for October, with wellbeing activities, emotional health resources, COVID-19 update and more
07.09: feature topic of Suicide Prevention Day, with support network and Stay Safe activities
24.08: how to fly and make a kite activity, with lots of resources for children, young people and parents/carers around the return to school
10.08: featured topic of ‘Wellbeing Activities’, with lots of ideas for staying entertained, happy and healthy over the summer holidays

27.07: featured topic of ‘Water safety’, with top tips for staying safe while swimming outdoors in the hot weather
13.07: featured topic of ‘Staying safe online’, including top tips, useful websites, and what to do if you have an issue with online abuse.
29.06: featured topic of ‘Talking about racism’, with education and support resources for the whole family and advice for parents/carers on talking to your child.

15.06: featured topic of ‘Top tips for healthy lifestyles during the coronavirus outbreak’, with fun, practical ideas for the whole family.
08.06: feature topic of ‘Carer’s Week’, raising awareness of carers and providing further resources and support options.

01.06: featured topic of ‘Child Safety Week’, with top tips for staying safe both at home and out and when out and about.

25.05: featured topic of ‘Smile Month’, with advice on oral health and sugar swaps, plus support for those returning to school after lockdown.
18.05: featured topic of ‘Showing Kindness’, for mental health awareness week, with a kindness poster template to print out and complete. Also includes mental health resources.

11.05: featured topic of ‘Getting a good night’s sleep’, with top tips for improving your bedtime routine and having a healthier sleep pattern.

04.05: featured topic of ‘Sun Awareness’, with simple guidelines to avoid skin damage and enjoy the outdoors safely.
27.04: featured topic of ‘Keep learning’, with fun ways to learn new things and get creative.

20.04: featured topic of ‘Staying health and active’, with resources and ideas for healthier living during lockdown

13.04: featured topic of ‘Connecting with others’, with ‘virtual card’ templates to print off and colour in for loved ones

06.04: featured topic of ‘Stress Awareness Month’, with simple strategies for dealing with stressful situations

Support for children, young people and parents/carers in Warwickshire

We know these times can be unsettling for children, young people and families. Our school nurse team is here to provide support with any concerns or questions about health and wellbeing: get in touch using the details below for free, confidential advice.

Young people aged 11–19 years
Text ChatHealth: 07507 331 525

Service mainline: 03300 245 204
Text Parentline: 07520 619 376