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Barnsley CYPF Bereavement Service

bereavement counselling family Barnsley

A bereavement counselling service has launched as part of the Barnsley Mental Health Support Team in local schools. The service is for children, young people and their families who are grieving for a family member or friend. We also support parents/carers who are bereaved by the loss of a child.

How the service can help you

Our aim is to make sure everyone who needs it gets the right help (without needing to ask), in the right setting, by the right professional person.

We help by providing one-to-one support – just you and the counsellor or group.

We also provide group work support (including counselling) where people who have lost someone can talk about what they’re going through with peers.

We also raise awareness and understanding of bereavement and tackle why people don’t talk about bereavements.

How you can access the service

If you think we can help or to request support, please call us on 01904 66637.

We also accept written requests for support from young people, parents, carers and professionals.  Just fill in the relevant request for support form below and return it to . One of the team will then be in touch.

Request for support for children and young people who are bereaved:

Request for support for parents or carers who are bereaved by the loss of a child:

Downloadable resources of organisations who offer bereavement support

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