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Welcome to your August 2022 Compass Points.

Rachel Writes: Derby MHST win is the sum of all our efforts

You may recall, some months back in Compass Points, that we told you that we had tendered for a new contract in Derby City and Derbyshire to deliver eleven Mental Health Support Teams across the area.

Well, I am delighted to tell you, that we have been successful in our bid. The win is a testament to the years of hard work, commitment and dedication of not just those involved in developing the bid and our MHSTs, but of all of you across all services and directorates. You have given us the platform on which to shine.

Our MHST model has been designed incorporating elements from school nursing, substance misuse and risky behaviour services which have all been combined into one early intervention and prevention integrated model. Without you and your achievements we wouldn’t have been able to take the learning and build the evidence base of what works.

Our mission is to use our MHSTs as a platform in which to grow and thrive enabling us to develop new and exciting integrated models such as mental health and substance misuse or mental health and school nursing. Our mission remains solely focused on the creation of integrated health and wellbeing services which removes many of the barriers that children, young people, and families still face when wanting support. Together we have an incredible opportunity to develop new models of care that will truly deliver CYP-led care. Thankyou to everyone, what you do and what we learn together helps our thinking and models to evolve.

Our wellbeing mission

In our dedication to help our service users thrive, we must also look after ourselves.

We’re good at valuing the needs of young people and at watching out for each other, but maybe not so good at responding to our own needs, being open about things, and safeguarding our own emotional health and wellbeing.

We want to create and sustain an emotionally healthy and open culture across Compass and so we’re developing a new Emotional Health and Wellbeing Policy.

We’re doing it because we recognise that our dedicated staff often put other people’s wellbeing needs ahead of their own. And we know a happy, healthy workforce works better for everyone.

I think it’s really great that Danielle, our health and wellbeing trainer, is launching her own monthly column. Please scroll down to read it. Danielle will be informing us about all things health and wellbeing, inside and outside of Compass. And she’s always mindful of the Five Ways to Wellbeing.

Compass Bloom is the new brand for our MHST services in West and Central Lancashire – thanks to trainee Romy!

Lisa Gale, Compass Assistant Director Operations (North), said: “Compass Bloom really hits the mark and it is even more special knowing that one of our own workers, Romy Kale, was inspired so much by our ethos to come up with the name.”

Now, read more…

What is your service or department doing to mark World Mental Health Day?

We want to know! Tell your service One Compass Comms Group champion what you’re doing for World Mental Health Day on October 10th – before you do it. We want to shout about your event in our October Points edition, and on the external website in your service news pages.

Tower Hamlets team working together at school drop down day

Recent recruit Mariam shadowed colleagues as they presented sexual health message to students and learnt from their differing delivery styles.

And Mariam believes she is in the right place to make a difference

Safe East Engagement and Participation Support Worker, Mariam Sheriff says she is passionate about empowering young people with health and wellbeing information that can help them make decisions.

Watch the video – Mariam – why I love my job.

Recently recruited Engagement and Participation Support Worker, Mariam Sheriff says she is passionate about empowering young people with health and wellbeing information that can help them make decisions.

She says: “I feel I’m doing something right.”

Mariam explains she has wanted to work with young people for a very long time. Especially those who need guidance or help.

She said: ” If I’m able to deliver information to young people – information that I probably didn’t have access to at their age – then yeah, I feel like I’m doing something right.

“Just knowing that I’m part of a safe space for young people makes me happy.”

New branded SPOC launches in Barnsley

Life’s a beach for GO! team

The beach event at sunny Cleethorpes was created and organised by eleven team members at Compass GO…

The idea was for local families to be able to take some time out and come and join the team in a range of free and enjoyable activities which included shell painting, making nature collages, making friendship bracelets, playing rounders, building sandcastles and egg and spoon racing.

Read more below…

And our GO! getters were also out and about in Immingham…

Charlotte tells team about restricted brain development in very young children under stress

In a presentation to her Phoenix colleagues, neuroscience specialist Charlotte Box, has said research showed that exposure to toxic stress for young people over a long period of time impedes the brain’s developmental structure and also the child’s ability to learn normally.

This can happen if physical needs are not being met – they may be going hungry or thirsty. Also if their emotional needs are not being met – if their caregiver is not giving them sufficient reassurance.

Read more below…

…And Charlotte tells us why she loves her job.

Holistic approach for families invited to drop in sessions in Grimsby

“The drop-in is a safe place to come along for a natter, relax and ask any questions that you may have as well as finding out more about any additional support that our service can offer parents/carers”

Read more here…

Rob’s role as a first point of contact for people who phone Phoenix gives him the greatest satisfaction

Grateful for the help and support you’ve received from a colleague? Tell us about it…

Just Say Thanks…

Thanks for your hard work C4H!

Many thanks to Connect 4 Health staff who have worked so hard over the summer period.  You have helped to keep the service wheels turning whilst also doing plenty of planning and preparation for the next academic year.  You have been fab – thank you.  Karen Cornick, Service Manager

Swift response

Thank you to all managers and team leaders who were able to get staff members on training courses last minute. After sending out an urgent plea, we were able to bump up the numbers for a couple of our courses which meant we utilised resources successfully. Emma Preston, Administrator

Backing me all the way…

Thank you to the Connect 4 Health team based at Stratford for always having my back. I love that I work with such a kind and supportive team. Thank you, Hannah, Family Brief Intervention Worker

Coffee’s a jolly good fellow! – thanks to Business Development Manager Ian as he leaves to work for Bewley’s

Thank you to Ian Cuthbert, who nears the end of a whirlwind year with us. He’s done a great job of learning about all things health and wellbeing, spinning many plates and getting us organised. All the best as you turn your attentions to the world of beans and baristas. – Rose Kearns, Business Development Assistant Director.

Lancashire admin team’s flexible creativity appreciated

I would like to say a big thank you to Helen, Jill and Stuart the administration team at Lancashire MHST who have worked flexibly and creatively to set up new systems and processes for the team, organise building work and equipment and support the team through the first few months of service. The office is now fully operational as a result of a the flexibility and resilience of the whole team and the work of the admin team in pulling it all together. Jan Smith, Operations Director.

You’re a joy to work with Terri!

I would like to offer my thanks for Terri Yates – School Nurse in Stratford Hub.

Terri is an absolute credit to the school nursing team and is such a joy to be around. Terri has taken me under her wing and has been a true role model in guiding my practice and my confidence in my school staff nurse role. Terri is always willing to help no matter how busy, and will stop whatever she is doing in order to support her team members. Terri is a breath of fresh air, and everyone needs a Terri in their life – but not our Terri, Stratford aren’t prepared to share! Summer Vallender, School Staff Nurse

Dan steps up

A big thank you to Dan Streets for stepping up in the absence of his colleagues in the Data team. He has managed to complete the tasks required for the implementation of the new client management systems whilst also making sure we all got paid in August by completing the payroll process. Mark Roberts, Finance Director

Celebrating success at Phoenix

We are very proud of our team in North Yorkshire and we are very lucky to have such a diverse and talented team. Some recent achievements include:

Emotional Wellbeing Practitioner, Charlotte Box who graduated in April this year with an MSc in Cognitive Development & Disorders. Robert Walwyn, Administrator graduated this summer with a First Class BA (honours) Open (Music). Congratulations to you both, your hard work paid off. Rachael  Askew, Team Leader, Compass Phoenix

Take Good Care –

Your Health and Wellbeing with Danielle Grant

Danielle – Our Mental Health and Wellbeing Training Officer

As we work towards further safeguarding the wellbeing of staff, I thought it would be a great time to begin a regular column to talk about this myself.

Hi, I’m Danielle – you may have seen me around since I first started with compass back in March this year.

Having worked in Leisure, Health, and Wellbeing for nearly 20 years I have seen quite a few changes. I’ve absorbed them too and I understand how our mind and our body can work well together – as they’re supposed to.

I have been teaching and/or delivering training since 2013 and now feel incredibly proud to say I am the Health and Wellbeing Trainer for Positive Effect.

The combination of my passion for health and wellbeing, with my training background means that hopefully I can give you some useful tips.

A lot of the Compass team are health care professionals, who know how to look after other people, but often we need reminding that we also need to look after ourselves. This has been really clear in the recent training I’ve delivered to line managers across the organisation.

I will therefore aim to provide plenty of helpful (and fun!) tips on how to access the Five Ways to Wellbeing as well as sharing all the exciting news and ideas within the Health, Lifestyle and Wellbeing world.

This Month’s Top Tip: ‘Take Notice’

The summer heatwave is over, and we are hurtling towards a beautiful Autumn. Make time every day to spend a little time in nature, watch the turning leaves and take notice of how the colours create a wonderful mosaic. Smell the musty leaves underfoot and listen to the birds; maybe you will be lucky enough to see the magnificent murmuration displays of thousands of starlings!

Taking notice helps us relax, appreciate simplicity and beauty. Taking notice in nature is one of the steps to improving your wellbeing.

SMT Report: challenges and opportunities of Derby mobilisation

This month, SMT reflected on the success of the tender for Derby and Derbyshire Mental Health Support Teams (MHST) whilst also focussing on the challenges and opportunities mobilising a contract of this scale will bring. Compass will become the provider of MHST services in Derby and Derbyshire from 01 January 2023 which will mean significant transfer of existing staff within 6 teams alongside the recruitment to and implementation of 3 new MHSTs.

Although SMT acknowledged the challenges this will bring it was also recognised that we can call on the skills and knowledge of many within the organisation either directly in the management of the change, or indirectly by offering their experience of transferring into Compass under TUPE or through buddying new members of MHST and sharing the existing expertise and knowledge with our new colleagues in Derbyshire.


SMT are confident that with the detailed plans we have in place, the support and goodwill we see everyday across the organisation and the confidence and competence of our colleagues joining us to support the transfer, we will repeat the success we have had in previous large scale transfers. This confidence is in large an acknowledgement of the commitment of those not involved in the implementation of Derby who will be ensuring our current services continue to deliver to the same high standards as they currently do.

The size of the Derbyshire contract is such that it will change the shape and structure of our operational management, central services and approach to governance so please keep an eye on Compass Points over the coming months for SMT updates on any changes to accountabilities and responsibilities as we complete this piece of work.

Charity Worker Discount

As prices rise in the shops, this may help…

Charity Workers and volunteer discounts and vouchers available for shopping,  travel, motoring, gym memberships, mobile phones, and utilities…

Those are eligible are charity staff, volunteers and office based staff to register all you need is your name, postcode and the charity you work for.

Click the image to learn more,

Don’t forget, you have a free confidential helpline.

Just click the image to access it…

OUR FREE and confidential EAP service 24 hour confidential helpline is available for advice on matters
such as financial wellbeing, consumer advice, family & relationship advice and confidential counselling sessions.
Access it via the App or Wellbeing Portal to My Healthy Advantage with the following login credentials:
Employer code: MHA180081.
Access the Wellbeing Portal
Username: Wellbeing
Password: HomeLineCard20

Refer a Friend Scheme
DO YOU KNOW someone who would like to work for Compass?
Would you like to earn some extra money by referring them?
We are running a six month trial for ‘Refer a Friend’ scheme whereby if you successfully refer a
friend, family member or known contact to Compass for a vacant role at either Job/salary grade
B1 & B2 or Clinician Scale A, B or C you can earn yourself a referral award!
You can find further information in the Refer a Friend Scheme Policy in the Policy Central drive.

Tell us all about the events you mark in your service

Awareness Days 2022

Upcoming in September

7 SeptYouth Mental
Health Day
16th – 22ndBisexual awareness
23Bisexual visibility
24 Sept –
1 oct
Sexual health
25-27 Septrosh hashanah
Jewish new year

If you mark any events and religious festivals in your services, please remember to share it with
Compass Points.
We know that services have already established events they mark which may not be on our calendar.
We’re really interested in hearing about all you do and aim to include your events in the overall calendar so it builds over time.

Tell us your news.

The Deadline for stories and pictures for the next issue is
Midday on Wednesday, 21st September. Please send submissions marked
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