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Welcome to your June 2022 Compass Points.

Happy retirement, Maggie. We’ll miss you so much!

Assistant Director of Operations, Maggie Clarke retires at the end of July. She’s been with Compass since 2016 and has been a major force in shaping our organisation during that time.

Connect for health WARWICKSHIRE school nursing service

Maggie, a Queen’s Nurse, won the national Cavell Star Award in 2019 for her outstanding contribution to school nursing. Read all about that award here.

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Read colleagues’ tributes to Maggie.

MAGGIE, you have been instrumental in helping us take Compass forward with your expertise, wisdom and ‘can do’ attitude.

Your passion, creativity and zest for life is irreplaceable and your ability to find solutions and positivity when facing adversity, is what makes you so special and one of a kind.

The world of nursing, school nursing and Compass have been so blessed to have you and more importantly the children and young people in your care, who remain at the forefront of what you do.

Compass is a very different organisation to when you joined us in 2016, and so much of that has been down to you, your vision, and faith in what we have been trying to achieve collectively.

There are not enough words to describe how brilliant you are and how much we are going to miss you.

I will personally miss our car shares, your ability to ‘mingle’ and generous heart. Thankyou for everything.

Wishing you a wonderful happy and healthy retirement. – Rachel Bundock, SMT & Compass Board

MAGGIE is ALWAYS smiling and seeing the best in every situation – even at times when she is probably tearing her hair out (internally!!) Helen Rogers, Team Leader and Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead

MAGGIE has been a role model in advocating the school nursing service and ensuring public health is at the forefront of everybody’s mind both locally and nationally. If there is an article, video, blog or guidance to be sought then Maggie is the lady to find them. – Becky Ellis, C4H Team leader

MAGGIE, from the our first meeting when you pulled out your phone and snapped a pic of us both which then entered the world of twitter, I have always made sure I am camera ready just in case you leap out with your phone ready to snap a pic. I will miss our chats around good coffee and coffee machines (now I have found the Nespresso machine there is no other coffee for me). We started a trend of coffee machines across the bases, only Stratford left to get one. Wishing you the best retirement although I am sure you will find plenty to fill your time. – Anne Tomkinson, Practice Educator/SCPHN

I WOULD like to wish you luck and relaxation for your well-earned retirement. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you over the years I have been with Compass, you have always provided a listening and coaching ear and done it with the utmost professionalism but with humour chucked in too. I appreciate all you have done for us in Warwickshire and you leave us in great shape to develop and improve our services and outcomes for young people. I know you’ll still be dipping your toe in different things so no doubt I will see you around, but wishing you all the best in your new adventures. Love Rich x – Rich Thomas, Operations Manager – Specialist Services

I HAVE never met anyone as enthusiastic as Maggie!  She has a fantastic way of seeing the positive in every situation, motivating all to strive to do their best.  When struck with a difficulty, she will navigate around it encouraging all to look for solutions and to follow your instincts.  Full of boundless energy, ready smiles and a “can do” attitude, she has supported services to reach that little bit higher, to be resourceful and to think outside of the box and above all else to always do the very best you can do for children, young people and families.

Throughout Maggie’s professional career she has always been a great advocate for school nursing.  She has a special interest in transformation and digital services for young people and was at the forefront of digital health.  She suggested potential innovations and digital offers long before anyone else had thought of them and was a founding member of the “We School Nurses” Twitter community.  She was also at the forefront of ChatHealth’s creation, working with colleagues in Leicestershire to make the vision become a reality.

In 2015, Maggie became a Queen’s Nurse for her contribution to local and national school nursing practice and during the awards ceremony she was credited with leading the development of new and innovative ways of working including an award-winning text messaging system for young people and trialling a virtual clinic using Skype to enable children in very rural settings to talk to a school nurse. Karen Cornick, Service Manager, C4H

Maggie, you have been an inspiration to work with since 2015.

It’s been a real pleasure to work alongside Maggie within SMT. Maggie brings a natural passion and energy into all that she does. Her commitment to Compass and her staff team is fantastic and she inspires great leadership in those around her. I will really miss Maggie’s expertise, pragmatism and positivity. Enjoy every moment of your retirement Maggie – the gardening, extra family time and wonderful walks. Thank you for all you have done at Compass, you will be missed. –Kim Jones, HR Director

Your commitment to high quality care, clinical curiosity and networking has been something that I deeply admire, and I shall miss most.  I’ve learnt a lot from you and will continue to carry your way of working in my own clinical toolkit! Thanks – and all the best. It is a bientôt’ and not ‘goodbye. Jordan   – Jordan Soondar, Clinical Governance Lead /Designated Safeguarding Officer

Heartrending effects of cyberbullying being tackled by Kirsty in Barnsley

Kirsty Taylor, Healthy Peer Relationship Practitioner in Barnsley MHST, devised, developed and is now delivering an hour long workshop to schools in Barnsley to help young children deal with life online. Here, she tells us about the project. and below the video, you can read how she went about it.

Kirsty explains how she acted upon what the children were telling her.

“There have been many challenges discussed during sessions – some young people reported that social media effects their sleep, appetite, confidence and sometimes pressures them to be a different person.”

Kirsty Taylor

Lily and Rosa in video promoting Silvercloud CBT package in NEL

SilverCloud online CBT package being prepared for Harrow

The SilverCloud package is to be launched this financial year in Harrow. Meanwhile, Barnsley and Compass GO MHSTs already use the package.

Lancashire team bring in experts with lived experience to speak about autism

Getting children to talk about mental health

Faazia and her Lancashire colleagues are loving their university days

Read how they’re being “captivated” by powerful, insightful and emotive lectures at Edge Hill.

Grateful for the help and support you’ve received from a colleague? Tell us about it…

Just Say Thanks…

Jake’s high praise for apprentice Ella’s creativity and input

The Connect for Health team would like to thank Ella Waldock-Stanford (Marketing & Digital Communications Apprentice, C4H) for using her artistic talent to create engaging display board resources and social media posts. Ella’s colourful resources and fun social media posts have massively improved the quality of our work. Thank you very much 😊 – Jake Pantony, Healthy Lifestyle Coordinator, Connect for Health

I’ve loved working with you, Isabelle. you’ll be greatly missed when you move on…

I would like to say a great big thank you to Barnsley EMHP Isabelle Senior for all your support when delivering workshops, group work and events together. I have loved working together and you will be greatly missed when you move on to your new role. Thank you Isabelle 😊 – Emma Turton, AEMHP, Barnsley MHST

Gemma, we really appreciate your support and positive attitude

The South Ribble Trainee EMHP’s (Lucy Taylor, Romy Kale, Jen Upton & Sophie Blake) would like to say a huge thankyou to our Supervisor Gemma Sholicar for her ongoing support. Gemma always maintains a positive attitude and is very hard working. We appreciate all the hard work she puts in we hope she knows how valuable she is to the team. We feel very privileged to be able to work with her. Thankyou, – Lucy Taylor, Trainee EMHP, Central & West Lancashire Mental Health Support Teams (MHST)

I’ve been made to feel so welcome and supported… thank you!

Hi. I am Zoe. I have recently taken up the position of service manager at Compass Phoenix in North Yorkshire and wanted to say thank you to everyone in the organisation for giving me such a great welcome! Among the important things that attracted me to work for Compass was the culture and values. And from day one, the entire team has embodied these giving me such a warm welcome and lots of support. So, Thank You! – Zoe Davis, Service Manager, Compass Phoenix

Thanks at difficult time

Sorry in the delay of this message, however I would like to say a big thank you to the team in NEL for supporting one another and their community in recent months where there has been an untoward incident. – Laura Lockett, Service Manager, Compass GO…

Problem solving and can-do attitude

Thank You to Julie Crossland and Kirstie Hanson – Administrators at Barnsley MHST – June has seen preparations for the move to a new office and as is often the case the team administrators with the detailed knowledge of all things systems, the practical problem solving and can-do attitude take on much of the organisation and planning – Julie and Kirstie have really gone above and beyond planning removals, coordinating trades and installations, filling boxes (and then emptying them again) and all with a helpful and willing approach. Thanks both – you have got us there. – Jan Smith, Operations Director

Rachael’s big thanks to Lancs

A big thank you to the Lancashire MHST who have supported Phoenix undertaking professional consultations in May and June. I and my colleagues in Phoenix really appreciate your help during this period when we were short staffed.

I really hope you took some learning away from this process too. Thank you. – Rachael Askew, Team Leader, Compass Phoenix

You’re a real gem, Emily

I want to say a massive thanks to Emily Cuthbert for all her hard work in getting us set up on Eploy and showing everyone what to do. Emily is brilliant to work with and will go out of her way to get it right and support us all. Thank you so much Emily, you’re a real gem! – Annafie Beaumont, HR Assistant

HR Director Kim thanks team and individuals as projects come to fruition

Team delivers two big projects in a short space of time

A huge thank you to the HR team for all their hard work in delivering 2 very important projects in a short space of time without a full team and still delivering in busy day jobs. I’d also like to extend a big thank you to our central admin team – Clare Hitchen, Sue King and Emma Preston – you have all been so supportive during this very busy time for us and we really appreciate it. Clare – your help with Eploy and recruitment has been really key for us.

Emily’s fantastic commitment and determination

Emily Cuthbert – you have been fantastic in your commitment and determination to implement our new Applicant Tracking System (ATS), Eploy. Your attention to detail in identifying and solving issues as they arise has been brilliant and you have worked really hard in training our hiring managers to help them use the new system. You joined us as an interim to help improve recruitment within Compass and you will be leaving us next month in a much better place – thank you for all of your hard work, it has been a pleasure having you as part of our team. We hope you have a fabulous summer break and wish you every success in whatever you do next.

We couldn’t have got through everything without your support, Fie

Annafie Beaumont – you have been outstanding in stepping into the breach of picking up the My Compass upgrade particularly in the challenging work of configuring elements of an unfamiliar system. You have also been fabulous in supporting Emily with Eploy implementation and have continued to deliver in a very busy day job. We couldn’t have got through everything we have in the last few weeks without your support so a heartfelt thank you for all you do.

Alison’s flexible and supportive style just what’s needed

Alison Daley – thank you for being so flexible and supportive in picking up additional pieces of work, moving your working days around as well as beginning another key project in HR. Your pragmatic approach has been just what was needed.

Kim Jones, HR Director

Free debate encouraged and protected as EDI steering group renews its terms of reference

The Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Steering Group which has renewed its terms of reference, could not function without its commitment to encourage free and open debate, HR Director Kim Jones says.

Kim said: “Whenever anyone new joins us, we make it clear that the EDI group is a forum for people to speak openly and feel free to make comments or suggestions in the spirit of making things better for our colleagues and ultimately for the children, young people and families we serve.

“If we didn’t do this, we feel it would be very difficult to make progress. The terms of reference, just renewed and ratified, include our remit to raise awareness about how it is everyone’s responsibility to create an equitable, diverse and inclusive culture, to understand the root causes of the issues we face and to work together to embed equality, diversity and inclusive practices across Compass.”

EDI Terms of Reference

  • To support and help drive any internal EDI initiatives
  • To embed anti-discriminatory practices across the whole of Compass
  • To review how the EDI agenda fits with our charitable purpose
  • To champion EDI across the organisation and within our own Directorates/departments and raise awareness about how it is everyone’s responsibility to create a equitable, diverse and inclusive culture
  • To look at the whole EDI agenda holistically to understand the root cause of some of
    the issues we face
  • Working collaboratively with existing groups whee possible and participating in
    relevant sub advisory and working groups.
  • Communicating and embedding EDI practices into members’ respective

Jordan Soonder, our Clinical Governance Lead /Designated Safeguarding Officer, said: “I was reflecting on the EDI group and it struck me how comfortable well established and new members felt about contributing to the discussion. Their openness and the zest to improve quality for our young people inspires me.”

The group meets quarterly and is chaired by CEO, Rachel Bundock.

Would you like to join the EDI Group?

The EDI Steeing group is to shift its focus to Disability. It;s now looking for staff who would like to be part of shaping and action planning in this important area. Anyone interested in joining the steering group should contact Sue King.

You can read more about the group by opening its folder in the Universal Drive.

In all my time with Compass, it’s always been about people, and how we live and breathe our values and display the human qualities that matter most.

Rachel Bundock, CEO

Give us your feedback on the Mission, Vision and Values video

Hopefully if you haven’t yet seen the video yet, you will do shortly, writes CEO Rachel Bundock.

Please do share any feedback with us as to how it resonated with you and any suggestions for how we could improve these videos in the future.

You will shortly be receiving a presentation from me on this year’s business plan priorities as well as looking back at our achievements last year.

Please send your feedback uskng this email address..

SMT work on Quality framework

SMT discussed the importance of quality and that whatever systems we have in place we should ensure that everyone has the skills, knowledge and resources to deliver a high quality service every time.

We know quality is at the heart of everything you do but it is not always clear or consistent in how we define and deliver good quality care so SMT have started to develop a structure to the way in which Compass will approach quality which is understood across the organisation, delivered by teams and practitioners in a way that makes real difference to the quality and experience of our children and young people.

SMT will be looking to practitioners and teams from across the organisation to inform the approach and to assist in creating and implementing a new quality framework with the following elements

  • Quality Principles
  • Quality Standards
  • Quality Measures
  • Quality Improvement

Eploy applicant tracking system now live

Eploy – the system is now live to Hiring Managers, writes Emily Cuthbert.

All Hiring Managers should now have received the link to the Hiring Manager portal as well as their username and password.

But if you think you should have one and haven’t received it, please email the recruitment team.

We hope you are getting to grips with the system. The training sessions have now finished but we have plenty of support available to help you!

You can watch the training (under the ‘Hiring Manager Toolkit’ button) if you were unable to attend a session or you can watch it as a refresher.

The supporting slides from the training session are also available to you, also under ‘Hiring Manager Toolkit’. For any initial queries you have when using the system, please direct these to Emily Cuthbert (until 14 July, after that please contact the recruitment team).

We would love your feedback as you are using Eploy so please do share any findings with the recruitment team. As you will have seen, HR is now sending the internal vacancies via email using a link to take you to the live roles.

Thank you also for your patience also when encountering teething problems, it is much appreciated and we are working hard behind the scenes to make it as perfect for you as we can.

Charity Worker Discount

As prices rise in the shops, this may help…

Charity Workers and volunteer discounts and vouchers available for shopping,  travel, motoring, gym memberships, mobile phones, and utilities…

Those are eligible are charity staff, volunteers and office based staff to register all you need is your name, postcode and the charity you work for.

Click the image to learn more,

Don’t forget, you have a free confidential helpline.

Just click the image to access it…

OUR FREE and confidential EAP service 24 hour confidential helpline is available for advice on matters
such as financial wellbeing, consumer advice, family & relationship advice and confidential counselling sessions.
Access it via the App or Wellbeing Portal to My Healthy Advantage with the following login credentials:
Employer code: MHA180081.
Access the Wellbeing Portal
Username: Wellbeing
Password: HomeLineCard20

Refer a Friend Scheme
DO YOU KNOW someone who would like to work for Compass?
Would you like to earn some extra money by referring them?
We are running a six month trial for ‘Refer a Friend’ scheme whereby if you successfully refer a
friend, family member or known contact to Compass for a vacant role at either Job/salary grade
B1 & B2 or Clinician Scale A, B or C you can earn yourself a referral award!
You can find further information in the Refer a Friend Scheme Policy in the Policy Central drive.

Tell us all about the events you mark in your service

Awareness Days 2022

PLEASE SEE our look ahead for July, below.

11th to 17th July – Non-binary awareness day

If you mark any events and religious festivals in your services, please remember to share it with
Compass Points.
We know that services have already established events they mark which may not be on our calendar.
We’re really interested in hearing about all you do and aim to include your events in the overall calendar so it builds over time.

Learning Disability Week added to our Awareness calendar

Learning Disability Week, run by the Mencap, the national charity which supports people with learning disabilities, their families and carers ran from June 20-26.

Mencap says: “This year, we wanted to show how people with a learning disability are reconnecting with friends and their communities. We also wanted to talk about the issues many people still face after the end of COVID restrictions, like still having to isolate or dealing with poor mental health and anxiety. “

To learn more about Learning Disability Week, please click here.

Tell us your news

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Midday on Thursday, 21st July. Please send submissions marked
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