The mission of Compass is to create healthier lives and safer communities

We achieve our mission through the delivery of effective prevention, early intervention, targeted and specialist services that build resilience and guide children, young people and adults away from risk and towards greater health and wellbeing.

The priorities for Compass in our work with families, communities and partner agencies are to:

  • Provide accessible, person-centred and flexible responses that meet the needs of diverse communities and reduce health inequalities

  • Provide age appropriate public health promotion, prevention and early engagement services to identify additional needs and deliver progressive interventions in the right place and at the right time

  • Focus on the whole person by providing holistic personalised care that builds upon individual strengths and talents

  • Provide effective specialist treatment interventions for children, young people and adults engaged in risky behaviour, creating opportunities for sustainable recovery and reintegration for everyone;

  • Work in partnership with families and communities to support prevention, recovery and reintegration;

  • Work with partners to develop effective integrated prevention, early intervention and treatment systems from birth to old age.

Our Vision

The Compass vision is to be the best in all that we do, by bringing the maximum benefit to the people we work with.  Our aim is that in every Compass service we deliver consistently safe, effective, and high quality person centred care so that we can meet our ambition of  helping each person to lead a healthy, safe and productive life.

Being the best also means maximising our impact for other key stakeholders:

  • Commissioners: Reliably meeting objectives and working collaboratively to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the wider systems in which we operate;

  • Communities: Understanding and responding to local needs creatively and flexibly in order to maximise health and social gains;

  • Our staff: Enabling and empowering our workforce to innovate and to improve the outcomes for our service users.

Our Values

We pursue our mission and vision by holding true to a guiding set of values:

  • Integrity: maintaining an unstinting commitment to honesty and openness in all our activities;

  • Valuing each individual: respecting the needs of each person and helping them gain greater control over their life;

  • Being solution focused: responding quickly and flexibly to current and emerging needs;

  • Being consistent and reliable: always delivering on our commitments.

Our Performance

As a registered charity, Compass are required to share their audited accounts from previous years. Please see here: