I am a young person

I have some issues what can Safe East help with?

Safe East provides:

  • Support around substance use including drugs, alcohol and smoking

  • Information and support about sex and potential risks

  • Contraception including the morning after pill

  • Pregnancy testing and support

  • Screening for STIs

So if you want our help get in touch

Email:  towerhamletsyphwb@compass-uk.org

Phone: 0203 917 5443

Drop in to one of our sessions around Tower Hamlets

If you’re not ready to talk or just need more information try these links

Information on staying safe online: 

Information, advice and tools to help your emotional health and wellbeing:

Information, advice and chat for any issues you may be facing:

Information on substances in particular new psychoactive substances, formally legal highs:

Information on drugs and alcohol:

Help for any problems you may be having at school or at home, or if you are feeling worried:

Straightforward information and support on sexual health, sex and relationships

Sexual health & wellbeing for under 25s

Online counselling and advice and guidance on issues that may be affecting you:

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