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We're here to offer you the advice and support necessary to help you to help children and young people in North Yorkshire, as well as their parents and your peers.To enquire about our training please contact us using the messaging service below.

Information on staying safe online: 

Advice on problems you may be having online:

Help for any problems you may be having at school or at home, or if you are feeling worried:

Online counselling and advice and guidance on issues that may be affecting you:

Information, advice and tools to help your emotional health and wellbeing:

Information, advice and chat for any issues you may be facing:

Information on substances in particular new psychoactive substances, formally legal highs:

Information on drugs and alcohol:

Child exploitation online prevention, advice and guidance to keeping your child safe on line:

Information and advice on child and adolescent mental health and wellbeing:

Specific information on academic reliance program:

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