International Nurses Day is celebrated around the world every May 12, the anniversary of Florence Nightingale's birth.

The World Health Organisation European Region has 7.3 million nurses and midwives, who play a vital role in promoting health, preventing illness and providing care to expectant mothers and newborns, and to people in good and ill health across diverse settings.

On the occasions of International Day of the Midwife on 5 May and International Nurses Day on 12 May, the WHO Regional Office for Europe is highlighting these critically important professions by featuring the voices of nurses and midwives from around the Region. They share what it means to be a nurse, midwife, researcher, administrator, educator and/or leader, and how they are committed to delivering the highest quality care.




Jamie Oliver’s Food Foundation and UK Harvest CEO Cook off event

On the 21st March I was one of six school nurses privileged to be invited to the first ever UK CEO Cookoff arranged by the Jamie Oliver Foundation and UK Harvest. The aim was to raise £2 million to tackle food waste, obesity and malnutrition.

The CEO CookOff event was tremendous fun and a wonderful experience but the cause it is tackling -   the three-way problem of obesity, malnutrition and food waste is a very serious one. There are 13 million children in this country, and one third of them are obese. The funds raised from the CEO CookOff will go towards food education schemes in schools, via the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation which will equip our children and young people to feed themselves well and enable healthy lifestyles. The money raised will also go to UK Harvest who are working to ensure that the 11 million tonnes of edible food and drink which is currently wasted and ends up in landfill gets to people in our communities in food poverty.

The event saw nearly 100 senior business leaders join forces with 30 top chefs to serve a banquet to everyday heroes from schools, communities and hospitals as a thank you for their work with children and families.

The evening was a massive success attended by the Duchess of Cornwall, and many celebrities, with superb food and entertainment and has raised an amazing £544,000 to date. The Jamie Oliver foundation and UK Harvest are beginning initiatives and programmes with the money raised and are looking for volunteers to support them achieve their aims. Compass School Health and Wellbeing service are hoping to be involved in this good work.

Maggie Clarke, Assistant Director Healthy Child Programme


ChatHealth - new school nurse messaging service

Warwickshire School Health & Wellbeing Service and Warwickshire Young People’s Substance Misuse Service have introduced a new way for young people to get advice and support about health related issues via a new nurse messaging service.

ChatHealth is an award-winning school nurse messaging service for young people aged 11-19 years, available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

This service has been highly acclaimed by the Department of Health which encourages the use of mobile and social media to improve access to healthcare – particularly for young people. ChatHealth has been awarded an Innovation Challenge Prize from NHS England and multiple other awards for innovative use of communication in healthcare and improving patient experiences.

The aim is to further improve access to healthcare for young people and to continue improving the quality and safety of the services.  Young people have helped develop the promotional material which we are using to advertise the service in schools.  The text number is 07507 331 525.

Read our information leaflet to find out more about the service, outcomes, information on safety and frequently asked questions.

For more information please contact the School Health & Wellbeing Service on 03300 245 204.

School Mental Health and Wellbeing Service - North Yorkshire is GROWING!

We'd like to share some news with you that's got us very excited here at Compass....

We are proud to announce that Compass has been entrusted to deliver a vital and innovative new service which will be of benefit to all children and young people and their families in North Yorkshire.

There's been a lot written in the media recently about the emerging mental health and wellbeing needs of children and young people. In 2015 a government document called 'Future in Mind' was published which described a commitment to transform services that work with children and young people by 2020, and we are delighted to be at the forefront of these plans which are being implemented in North Yorkshire from April 2017.

The North Yorkshire School Mental Health and Wellbeing project will support schools to develop a whole school approach to positive mental health by delivering tiered training to school staff and key partners, followed up by expert professional consultation, coaching and mentoring to education staff on the use of brief interventions and targeted group work. The service will also work with individual children and young people who are experiencing low level anxiety/depression and/or are at risk of experiencing mental illness by providing evidenced based brief interventions on a one-to-one and group work basis to build their resilience, learn new ways of coping and support referrals to specialist services where necessary.

We will be employing a new team of experienced, passionate and highly skilled wellbeing workers to deliver this service in close collaboration with key partners from the Prevention Service, Healthy Child Team, specialist CAMHS and of course, our very own team of Young People's Nurses from the Compass REACH service.

We look forward to bringing you further updates on this service, in the meantime should you have any questions, feedback or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact the Service Manager, Lisa Gale, by emailing her at