Services for Children and Young People.


Compass Milton Keynes Service for Young People

Compass Milton Keynes provides services for young people who are at risk of using substances, are experimenting with substances or who are using them regularly. If you are aged under 18 and use alcohol or drugs, our supportive and confidential services could be a lifeline.

Your confidential lifeline in times of need


You can come to us for practical help and support to tackle the issues you are facing due to substance use. We have supported children as young as eight years old, offering valuable guidance and encouraging their ability to make informed decisions about using drugs and alcohol.

You can contact us directly for help, or you may be referred to us by a professional, such as a teacher, your social worker or youth worker or even a family member. We are an outreach service, so we can see you in your school or anywhere else you feel comfortable.

How we can support you

We will call you within one working day of receiving a referral for you, and we will see you within five working days of your referral.

We will talk to you about your goals and the timescales that you feel are manageable for you. We will tell you about other services available in the area, if you need any other help. We will support you to learn about drugs and alcohol so you feel confident in the decisions that you make. We can teach you techniques that will help you to reduce your substance use, and skills to help you stop using if that is your goal.

We will work with you in a non-judgmental way for as long as necessary for you to achieve your goals, working to a plan that is specific to you and best meets your needs. 


How to access our services

If you or someone you know needs our help, you can call us in complete confidence:

Tel: 01908 250730

Address: 33-37 Farthing Grove
Netherfield, Milton Keynes MK6 4JH


About Compass Milton Keynes Service for Young People

The Compass Milton Keynes Young People’s Service provides targeted and specialist interventions for young people, aged up to 18, who are affected by their own or another person’s substance misuse. The service evolved from a joint project with Brooke Advisory and Young Carers to deliver targeted group sessions to young people affected by parental alcohol use.

The service operates out of an administrative base and all service delivery is through outreach. We also provide a tailor-made Education Link service for priority mainstream secondary schools