Services for Children and Young People.

Compass Enfield Service for Young People.

If you are aged 18 or under and are affected by your own or another person’s substance misuse, you can turn to the friendly, experienced team at Compass Enfield for professional, confidential care and support.

Professional guidance for people affected by drugs

At our central base on Folkestone Road we offer one-to-one consultations to discuss your circumstances and individual needs, so we can agree the best way for us to help you. We work closely with a whole range of specialist agencies and local support groups who can provide support. We also offer small group activities, which can help you to address particular issues.


Easy-access support where it’s needed most

Our services are also available at a number of ‘outreach’ locations throughout the borough of Enfield, in areas where young people are at risk of drug use and anti-social behaviour. Here, we can help potentially vulnerable young people affected by substance misuse and the issues associated with it. By offering our services locally, where they are easy to access, we can help people to engage with us and start the process of mapping out a brighter future.  

It’s never too late to ask for help…

So whether you are already using substances or feel that you may be at risk in the future, we can help you. Our specialists will work with you to address your individual needs in a way that works for you. Where applicable, we can also help you return to mainstream care and support.

It’s all part of the Compass approach. We focus on all of your needs, working in partnership with specialist agencies to ensure that your drug or alcohol problems are not treated in isolation, but as part of the wider issues affecting your life.


How to access our services

 If you or someone you know needs our help, you can call in to our offices or contact us in complete confidence.

Visit us at:

29 Folkestone Road, Enfield, London N18 2ER

Tel: 0208 360 9102
Fax: 0208 360 0473


About Compass Enfield Young People’s Service

The Enfield Young People’s team operates as an integrated part of the wider Children and Young People’s service framework, working in collaboration with other agencies to enhance the outcomes for young people, maximise the use of resources and minimise the duplication of activity.

Our central base is supported by peripatetic and assertive outreach provision delivered in satellite and hotspot locations across the borough. The service also works with parents and carers of children misusing substances, and professionals and volunteers working with children and young people. As Compass also delivers Enfield’s Integrated Tier 2/3 adult treatment service, we are uniquely able to support transitional care.