Services for Adults

Compass provides professional and effective support for adults at all stages of drug or alcohol use, helping them to achieve stable, productive lives. Our services cover every step on the road to recovery, from providing open-access services for the immediate needs of people in chaotic circumstances through to structured treatment programmes for people returning to dependency-free lives.

Professional help on the road to recovery

We recognise that every individual has a unique set of circumstances and needs, so our compassionate professionals begin by understanding the difficulties, requirements and aspirations of each person we support. This knowledge forms the foundation of an effective plan for treatment, recovery and reintegration – empowering individuals to make sustainable changes to their lives.

Tried and tested services you can trust  

Our approach is based on almost 30 years’ experience of delivering adult support services. Our tried and tested methods have an enviable track record of success, focusing on community-based support through open-access centres, structured psychosocial programmes and substitute prescribing – working with dedicated partners and professional organisations.